UNITED STATES—Do you have a dream America? What is it? Better question what are you actually doing to make that dream come to fruition? For a lot of us, the answer is simple: NOTHING! Why dream if you’re not going to give the effort need to make something happen. Without a doubt, all Americans are dreamers, but dreaming is one thing, seeing it come to fruition that is another people.

So where do we begin. For most Americans, it starts at an early age. We have a dream of a career goal that we want to attain. For some people, we actually see those dreams come to light, but it does not happen overnight. We might see it on the TV screens and in the movies with some of our favorite celebrities, rather it is athletes, musicians, actors or as it has now been deemed today: social media icons.

For those who think such stardom comes over night, think again, it rarely happens, and there is a big and I mean big difference between fame and success. Being in the spotlight doesn’t mean you’ve accomplished anything; you’ve just managed to have your 15 minutes. However, making that dream come to light means you have to truly push yourself to ensure you do not give up. You are absolutely going to have hiccups along the way, and if you’re not fighting for your dream, then you’re not giving it your all.

If you have a gift you have to practice at your craft, you cannot just sit on the sidelines and expect things to fall into your lap or see the results you want, but you’re not putting in the effort people. There are going to be days, weeks, months, hell, years where you have extreme lows and you might question if success is even a possibility. At the same time, you will have those moments where you see those glimmers of success, some might be small, some might be large, some might be massive, but those glimmers are vital to push you to go further people.

In life if there is ever anything that is of vital importance to you, it requires you pushing yourself, but not to the point that it stresses you out to the core. You have to have a bit of balance, life is still going to continue even when that dream of yours seems far or close, you still have everyday responsibilities you still must handle and not ignore. Not easy at times, you might get frustrated, you might be aggravated, but keep your eyes on the prize people; it absolutely matters because that is your passion. Having that passion is a determining factor to ensuring that success does not slip thru your fingers.

Sometimes it is not just persistence that matters, you have to keep your dreams and aspirations to yourself. Why? There are people who don’t want to see others succeed and in doing so they will try to take you down and if you let their energy get to you it will happen people. Remember that word ‘persistence’ because it’s the difference between success and failure.

Written By Jason Jones