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Peter August Returns To PC On “General Hospital!”

Wes Ramsey portrays Peter August on "General Hospital."

HOLLYWOOD—He was always a villain and to see Peter August come into his villain role fully on “General Hospital” has become a treat. Peter found himself FINALLY back in Port Charles and under strict watch at the hospital after being shot. Peter’s shenanigans has placed plenty of lives in danger and upended many lives as well people. Peter has enjoyed taunting members of the Port Charles community, first Maxie, then Britt, then Austin, who is very protective of Maxie and might be angling Maxie’s friend to get information on Louise’s location.

However, it was Peter’s angst towards Nina that caused plenty of confusion. How so? Nina and Peter got into a tense argument about her tryst with Sonny that Carly may have overheard. Carly is getting closer and closer to discovering that Nina and Sonny aka Mike had a love affair in Nixon Falls. If you think Carly blew her gasket when she learned that Nina knew Sonny was alive and kept mum, when she learns that romance was part of their bond expect revenge to take over this woman.

I mean she just discovered that Jason is presumed dead, her marriage is on the rocks, Carly has nothing to lose and when she has nothing to lose she is most dangerous people. At first I was hoping this Nina and Carly feud would just end, but now, I am so excited for what is to come next. Chatting just a bit more about Peter, he has NO IDEA Louise is literally right under his nose, with Bailey Quartermaine actually being his daughter. This lie purported by Brook Lynn and Maxie is spiraling in major ways. Valentin knows Bailey is not his daughter and delivered a tearful and gut-wrenching goodbye to the child, with Anna by his side. Brook Lynn was a mess, Chase did his best to cover for her and Maxie nearly let the truth slip out.

Yeah, for those not in the know, Chase has taken on the role of being the ‘father’ to Bailey to cover for Brook Lynn and to keep Louise safe from Peter and the looming threat he poses to his daughter, Maxie and his mission to reunite his family at all costs people. We should chat about Valentin some more because he dropped a bomb on the Cassadine family at Thanksgiving when he revealed that Victor Cassadine was NOT his uncle, but his father.

Yeah, that threw Alexis for a major loop and it left Nikolas flabbergasted to say the least. Looks like Nikolas and Valentin’s war is about to be reignited and I’m all for it, just as Alexis knows Esme is trouble. Keep digging Alexis you are closer to the truth then you know, especially as it pertains to Ryan Chamberlain.  Sasha and Brando are on edge as they worry about the survival of their newborn baby that is dealing with some major health crisis. Most of the town is rooting for the couple and their bundle of joy to make a full recovery.

Something that needs to be known is that Drew Cain has returned to Port Charles to many people’s shock, Sam McCall being one of them. Remember Sam and Drew were close to reuniting, but things faltered. Drew attempted to reconnect with Scout, who doesn’t remember her father, not to mention Sam and Dante took their relationship to the next level people. I’m still trying to figure out how the writers plan to reinsert Drew into the PC drama and what lucky lady might catch his eye. I mean we have Elizabeth and Finn getting closer by the minute, it is all but confirmed that Valentin and Anna are a couple, Sam and Dante are together, so who does that leave? I don’t see Britt and Drew, but it’s very possible people, guess time will tell.

That’s not all people, Peter felt the wrath of Maxie, who confronted him about his misdeeds, as it became clear Peter is indeed his father’s son. Making the situation worse, was the arrival of Sonny who issued threats to Peter August. I was thinking this a while back, why the hell didn’t Sonny and Jason just make Peter disappear? They could have easily done this and no one would have cared. Peter seemed nervous, but not that nervous with Sonny’s threat because he knows about the mobster’s relationship with Nina which Carly does not.

Who else knows? Willow. Great, secrets continue to fall in the lap of characters we don’t care about all that much. I mean Michael and his sanctimonious attitude has gotten on my last nerves as of late. Michael Quartermaine or Corinthos, you are NO SAINT! Take a seat and stop trying to throw darts at Nina, you’ve made mistakes to pal. Peter’s insinuated threat to Maxie about Austin seems to hint more chaos is coming courtesy of Peter before things finally culminate. How and when I’m still in the dark about, but I sense it is indeed coming a lot sooner than later people.

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