PG&E Ranked Among Top Utilities for Sustainability Efforts


SAN FRANCISCO—Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced on Wednesday, April 3, that it has been named one of the nation’s three most sustainable large utilities by Target Rock Advisors. It also was included in Target Rock’s 2013 Sustainable Utility Leaders Index. It is only the second time the utility has been mentioned in the index.

Kyle Rudden, partner and co-founder of Target Rock, said, “As one of the twenty four companies in our index. PG&E is a sustainability leader in the United States’ utility industry.”

In PG&E’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report, the company shows its commitment for sustainability on annual basis. The report captures PG&E commitment also for environment stewardship and includes ways that the utility is working to strengthen its communities.

Ezra Garrett, vice president and chief sustainability officer for PG&E, said, “At PG&E, we are working every day to improve the sustainability of our company – from delivering some of the nation’s cleanest energy, to ensuring the safety of our infrastructure, to enhancing economic vitality in our communities. ”


By: Jessica Claflin