HOLLYWOOD—We are just two episodes away from the finale that will have “Pretty Little Liars” fans across the nation talking until the series returns for season six in the summer. The latest episode, ‘The Melody Lingers On’ saw Alison and Hanna being locked up together. Both girls had their parents speaking to provide support.

Spencer, Emily and Aria deciphered newspaper clippings connecting the number for Varjack to a larger revelation. The girls were not pleased when Mrs. Hastings informed them it’s not a good idea to be at Alison’s trial. Caleb updated the ladies that he did his best to trace the number, but it’s a dead lead. Surprise, Jason is back in town. Spencer confronted her older brother about Ali’s innocence. Andrew threw out a bit of frustration about Mona that surprised Aria to say the least. I must say the radar of him being “A” just raised up 10 notches.

Emily received a call from Alison about being support at her trial. The conversation was dry to say the least. Finally the moment we’ve been waiting for, Alison’s trial got underway. Supporters in the courtroom included Jason, Ashley, Mr. DiLaurentis, Emily and Aria. Spencer suspected that Cyrus might have revealed details about the kidnapping tale, which threw everyone for a surprise.

When Hanna and Ali came face-to-face she revealed the ads are real, and so is the phone number, she texted the number. This entire time Ali had been conversing with “A!” She noted the texts stopped after Mona’s death. Hanna revealed her info to Caleb who did his best to alert her that he would rescue her.

Aria received a call from the Varjack number, and she snapped with the revelation that the mystery person had her cell number. When Caleb answered the phone no one spoke, but some odd music that sounded like a nursery rhyme was playing. Hanna acknowledged that she heard the song before; Mona had played it in her bedroom. The ladies deciphered the importance of searching Mona’s room.

Jason decided to finally speak with Spencer about their impending situation, where he revealed he was set to testify sooner than he expected. Spencer decided to attend Alison’s trial where some footage of Mona’s apparent death was displayed to the jury. On the stand, Jason vouched for his sister, and was put in the hot seat when the prosecution raised questions about his relationship with Ashley Marin.

The liars were stunned to discover that Ashley and Jason hooked up, and “A” was able to use this information to his advantage. Just when the audience suspected Ashley and Ted’s relationship was in a good place, fractures have occurred.

Spencer, Emily and Aria were not willing to go down without a fight and broke into Mona’s house to search her bedroom after hearing the mysterious music. They were stunned to see Mona’s entire room ransacked. Aria was not giving up in lieu of “A’s” taunting note. The ladies thought like Mona and looked in the most peculiar places including a mirror, where they found an interesting index card with clues.

Andrew watched the house from a distance, as it was revealed an ice pick was stashed, evidence of the murder weapon that killed Mona. Andrew did his best to obtain points with Aria about his comment he made earlier about Mona. Hmm, not so sure this relationship is going anywhere.

Back in prison, Ashley alerted Hanna of what transpired in the courtroom, just as Jason bonded with Ali as well. He reassured her that he believes she is innocent. Spencer continued to decipher the clues on the card left by Mona, just as Emily used the secret sound system at the café where people revealed secrets. She heard that mysterious music once again.

The final moments of the episode saw the ice pick left at Mona’s house as a crucial piece of evidence being examined. The audience also saw “A” shredding paperwork and a social security card for Paul Varjack to cover their tracks. What was the icing on the cake, that Pepe, the bird was still in “A’s” possession. How big of a clue is that?

Next week, the verdict in Ali’s trail is revealed and threats to the residents in Rosewood come front and center. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!