“PLL” Recap: ‘To Plea Or Not To Plea’

Hanna (Ashley Benson) decided to listen to Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and not play "A's" game.

HOLLYWOOD—I never thought we’d get to see Alison DiLaurentis face the music for all her mischievous deeds, but the time has come. In ‘To Plea or Not to Plea’ Ali’s trial was about to get underway, as the liars began to realize the “A” game is indeed reaching a fever pitch. Ali was not pleased to learn that her taking the stand would be bad for her case, but she revealed someone else could testify to her being set-up, but did not reveal. It’s amazing the authorities think Hanna of all people, would help Ali kill her BFF Mona.

Finally, Melissa is back in the mix, and a bit concerned that Spencer is planning to head back to Rosewood. Aria was once again on the defensive about her brother being their gateway to getting the goods on “A.” Spencer has guys falling for her left and right, first Johnny now Collin, who’s next? Hanna overheard a conversation between Mrs. Hastings and her mother, that she is a person of interest in Mona’s death. Emily was a bit surprised that Aria might be secretly hooking up with Andrew.

Caleb decided to take action to help Hanna, just as Mrs. Marin interrupted the conversation. Emily questioned Ezra about Varjack, he revealed that Mona’s lawyer might be able to help. Melissa unleashed her emotions to Spencer about the secret she kept to protect her. Ezra paid Mona’s lawyer a visit to obtain information about Mona, and it became apparent that this lawyer might have been paid off, and Mr. Fitz made threats. Aria, Emily and Ezra decided to follow the lawyer and they arrived at a gated home and Emily snuck in before the others got to her.

Back in prison, Alison was stunned to find her room completely trashed, and the message “Take The Plea” written on the wall. She was later treated to another threat when she discovered something shocking in the laundry room and she was brutally attacked.

The attack frightened her enough to agree to a possible plea deal. Veronica paid Ali a visit, and realized that the teen was being threatened to confess. Emily went digging in the trash and found a pizza receipt with the name Varjack on it. She later spotted Mona’s lawyer retrieving items from a safe, including a gun. Aria picked a terrible time to try to call Emily, but she escaped unharmed.

Hanna admitted to her mother what transpired, which took her aback a bit. Hmm, I had the oddest feeling about Ashley’s reaction to the news. Caleb told Hanna that a warrant has been issued for her arrest. He asked her to finally reveal the truth about “A,” which Hanna was not willing to do.

With Caleb by her side, Hanna turned herself into authorities. Wow, Hanna has always ran from authorities, but perhaps not playing “A’s” game is the only way to win. Just when Hanna chose to confess the truth, “A” deleted all messages from her phone. How the hell is this person one step ahead of them all the time? Aria and Emily rushed to the police station when they learned Hanna was arrested. “A” is on top of their game, and deleted messages from all of the liars’ phones.

Veronica admitted that Hanna’s blood was found on Mona’s bloody clothing. So Ali never took the plea deal. Melissa did her best to convince Spencer to stay in London; it became apparent that Melissa lied about the interview. As soon as the sisters get close, they get torn apart. Emily decided to phone Varjack, just as Aria broke the news to Ezra that they were cutting all ties. Ali was a bit surprised to see Hanna join her behind bars.

The final moments of the episode saw Ali deciding to take a stand against “A” by not taking the plea deal and going to trial. Gosh with only three more episodes before the revelation that fans have been waiting for I can only expect a few more surprises before the finale. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!