SAN FRANCISCO—A veteran San Francisco police officer was injured on Thanksgiving Day after being assaulted by a 28-year-old man with a skateboard.

The South San Francisco Police Department identified the injured officer as Officer Robby Chon; Chon has served 12 years on the police force and is married with two children. The suspect has been identified as Luis Alberto Ramos-Coreas, 28, of South San Francisco.

The incident occurred after 2:00 p.m. on November 24, when a citizen flagged down a police officer about a disturbance within the 300 block of Grand Avenue. Police Chief Jeff Azzopardi indicated that Coreas refused to cooperate with officers and became confrontational before running from the scene. After a short foot chase, the suspect struck Officer Chon in the head with a skateboard, according to reports. It is then stated that Officer Chon fell to the ground unconscious.

Coreas was taken into custody moments after the incident by officers. South San Francisco Firefighters arrived on the scene to provide treatment to Officer Chon who was transported to a trauma center for immediate surgery for traumatic head injuries. He is still unconscious and listed in critical condition.

At a press conference Mayor Mark Addiego said, “the men and women of the South San Francisco police department come to work on a daily basis, putting 100 percent of themselves in this job.”

“When something is violent, and senseless as this happens to one of our own, it’s difficult to process. It’s difficult to understand,” Mayor Addiego added.

Coreas is being held at the San Mateo Jail and will be charged with multiple felonies, including attempted murder of a police officer. Chief Azzopardi added Coreas has a lengthy history with the South San Francisco Police Department that includes violent encounters.

“Law enforcement is going through difficult times, with unprovoked targeted attack on police officers,” said Chief Azzopardi. ”Yesterday this hit home here in South San Francisco. This attack is not acceptable. The men and women of the South San Francisco police department will remain vigilant in our efforts to keep our officers and our community safe.”

The South San Francisco Police is asking anyone who witnessed the incident to contact the police department at (650) 877-8900.