UNITED STATES—Officials from the Mountain View Police Department have released footage from police body cameras that show officers questioning Nasim Aghdam hours before the suspect unleashed gunfire at YouTube’s headquarters. Before the shooting transpired, was found sleeping in her car by police on April 3 at 1:38 a.m. An officer patrolling a parking lot on the 600 block of Showers Drive ran a license plate that matched one provided regarding a missing person’s report out of the San Diego.

Officers can be seen in body cam footage knocking on Nasim’s window, who was sleeping in the back seat. A male and female officer asked Aghdam if she knew that her family was searching for her, to which she responded she did not get along with them. When authorities pressed on whether Nasim had any interest in hurting others or herself, she replied: “No.”

Nasim Aghdam can be seen on body cam footage answering police questions about her plans in Mountain View just hours before the shooting occurred.

When Aghdam was asked if she contacted her family, she noted she left her cell phone behind in San Diego County, but purchased a new one and did not want her family to know her new number. She assured police that she was not on any medication. While police found no official alerts about Aghdam posing a safety risk, they contacted her father to notify him that his daughter had been found. Ismail Aghdam informed authorities that his daughter was a former avid user of Youtube who had grown angry at the company.

The MVPD indicated that Aghdam’s father did not raise any concern that his daughter might act out violently. Authorities did not ask the Aghdam if she had a gun, but she legally purchased a 9-millimeter handgun which she concealed when the body cam footage took place. There are no copies of phone calls between MVPD officers and Ismail Aghdam on the morning of April 3 due to the fact that the calls were not recorded.

“A review of the incident revealed that our officers followed proper procedure and protocol. In this case, they checked on the welfare of a person who, at the time, was reported missing but whose actions, demeanor, and answers did not present any information which would cause us to believe she would be a threat to herself or others,” said Chief Max Bosel. “The tragedy of the incident at YouTube weighs heavily on our hearts but we support and stand by the actions taken by our officers in their contact with Ms. Aghdam.”