UNITED STATES—It seems to appear right around Super Tuesday or two years before the presidency becomes in reach the political pundits begin to predict who will run or what scandal may take someone out of the running. I will admit the 2016 presidential race is sure to be one that will have minds pondering.  While there is constant speculation of who will or who won’t run, the American public really has no idea of the candidates for the coveted 2016 seat as Commander in Chief.

This latest scandal involving Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is being completely blown out of proportion.  On top of that, the person who was responsible for the melee has already been fired, and to make matters worse it sounds like something out of middle school. “Hey, because you won’t endorse a particular candidate, we’ll show you. Do it guys, let’s halt traffic?” Seriously, who thinks like this?

It’s so childish and stupid, I see myself getting angrier just talking about it. Not only is it the most irresponsible, but perhaps the stupidest tactic to ‘stick’ it to a candidate.  The person who came up with this idea should be ashamed of themselves. But let’s get back to the topic at hand; my concern is over the over-exposure in the media about this incident.

It seems like every single time a scandal pops up, one media outlet reports the story and before you know it a domino effect is in place where any and almost every outlet, magazine or newspaper is talking about it. Question: Is this crap really news? Political news maybe, world headlines, not so sure about that, we need to be a bit more ‘aware’ of what we report or consider to be news, because not everything that happens is newsworthy content to begin with.

While this could be a decisive factor for some in considering Governor Christie to be the President shall he be elected, its not going to have an overall effect on rather people choose to vote for him or not in my opinion? Almost every person who vied for the presidency faced some sort of political scandal in the wake of attempting to bring down the candidate. It’s almost like a right of passage; you can’t get to the presidency without having some sort of scandal to taint you on your journey to The White House.

Of course, if Hillary Clinton chooses to run in 2016, which so many speculate and are certain will happen, the whole incident in Benghazi is sure to return to the national spotlight. I don’t think America would be comfortable electing a candidate for The White House if they had a squeaky, clean, perfect record; It ain’t gonna happen so for those wishing for the impossible keep wishing.

Even if that was the case, that would just create more concern about a candidate that they are hiding something; everyone has secrets, it’s just a question of how good you are at hiding or keeping those secrets. Unfortunately, when you step into the seat of the person running theUnited States, be prepared for all of the things down in the dark to come to light.

Governor Christie’s scandal is a minor hiccup in his campaign, heck; we still have no clue if the guy is planning to run for the presidency. Media pundits are just speculating right now, nothing is certain, but I guess this could be a tactic to neutralize a candidate before they even get a chance to throw their name into the ring. We need to stop making so much about so called ‘scandals’ unless it is indeed a scandal to begin with. But as it’s been said time and time again in the media its better to be talked about than to not be talked about at all.

By Trevor Roberts