HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a whopper of an episode, because that is what was delivered to audiences this week on “Power Book II: Ghost.” This week’s episode, ‘Need vs. Greed’ exposed some major secrets for our power players that will indeed have repercussions throughout the rest of the season. The title fits the narrative direction where things could be headed: chaotic betrayals and death amongst those we may and may not care about.

I had the suspicion that Effie might be in on Lauren’s ‘demise,’ but nope, she has no idea that Lauren is still very much alive and has fingered her and Brayden as accomplices in her ‘murder.’ Oh, this is going to be so good when the truth comes out people. Effie is such a dangerous character because you never know where her loyalty lies. One moment you think she is aligned with you, the next moment she is stabbing you in the back. So Effie, Brayden and Cane all suspect that Lauren is very much dead, but she is secretly being stashed by Jenny for her protection because if the truth is revealed about her survival she will indeed be dead.

Speaking of Jenny, her usage of Saxe is turning into a big gain, as he got the scoop that Davis is working for Monet and was able to connect a phone that is utilized via a burner cell. I used to despise Saxe on the original series “Power,” but he is so rootable in this spinoff. He’s still nefarious, but as a viewer you see the downside to being the bad guy.

Saxe was not the only person to gather vital Intel as Blanca and Jenny compared notes, but it was Detective Kevin who pointed the ladies in the right direction of the connective tissue, Monet Tejada. Looks like that Rico Case might be coming together sooner than we think. Lorenzo’s attempts to cover up the fact that he put the bullet into Zeke that killed him is about to create a tenuous relationship with Cane and Dru.

Lorenzo staged for Dru to be beat up, so that Zeke’s ring and Dru’s necklace was stolen. Cane was able to connect the dots as to who was responsible for Zeke’s murder by torturing Mecca’s pilot and driver who gave Intel involving a broken taillight that gave Cane all he needed. As a result, Monet killed an innocent man, not realizing she had just been set up by her son and husband. More on that later.

Let’s talk about Brayden because the kid is dirtier than I thought. He paid off Rashad to kill Tariq’s internship so that he could have him intern at his father’s company, Weston Holdings. Reasoning? Brayden is so focused on becoming this drug lord that he doesn’t realize all the people he’s putting in danger and the betrayals he’s committing in the process. When Tariq learns about Lauren and Tate, this is going to fracture their friendship in a way that might not be reparable people.

While at Weston Holdings, Tariq learned that cocaine is the drug of choice and decided he needed to take out the competition to ensure he could push Mecca’s drugs per Noma’s request. While this was happening Effie was busy attempting to resurrect course correct to continue pushing drugs through the Stansfield campus. Effie seems to always complain about money, but something just seems to pinpoint a bigger issue or problem in play that she has not yet disclosed.

Dru’s brutal assault by Lorenzo’s hire fractured his secret relationship permanently. Look, I’m glad this one is over. Dru was always sacrificing for his lover not the other way around. He just came across as an entitled spoiled brat, who always wanted to have his cake and eat it to, and nothing Dru did pleased him. As a result, Dru was full of rage and was ready to kill even if it meant tossing someone in front of a moving truck and getting them killed in the process.

However, none of that compared to Cane confessing to his father he knew he was the cause of Zeke’s murder. At first I thought, Cane would share this information with Monet. Nope. He decided to use it to blackmail his father into moving Noma’s drugs, even though Lorenzo was adamantly against it. Hmm, so Cane is keeping a profound secret from his mother for his own personal gain. How does Cane think Monet will react to learning not only did her husband Lorenzo kill her son, Zeke, but that his brother knew about it all this time and kept it from her? Oh, blood will be spilled this season on “Power Book II: Ghost.” We haven’t seen a major Tejeda bit the dust, but I since we might see one or two exit before the season culminate! Until next week “Power” lovebirds!