HOLLYWOOD—Talk about an episode full of surprises, because that is what unfolded on “Power Book II: Ghost.” This week’s episode, ‘Birthright’ witnessed some long-held secrets finally coming to light. The episode kicked off with Tariq and Brayden selling their expensive whips to bring in some cash to get back into the drug game. Monet was asking questions about Kate Egan and who possibly set her up. Sorry, Mary J. Blige is over-acting with this character.

At the start of the episode, I thought Cane and Effie were unbreakable, but by the end I was thinking something else. Cane realized that Effie sacrificed her personal ambition to protect him from Noma. Dru and Diana questioned if Monet has changed, as it became clear Dru wants more power. Davis is facing plenty of blows with his law firm since his license has been suspended. He is losing clients left and right.

Tariq went to Davis to try to find a contact who is expensive and unlike former people Tariq has dealt with. Monet was flippant that Noma is not allowing her to work. Obi found himself being questioned by Detective Carter and if he would have kept his cool, he would have been fine. Detective Carter bluffed Obi by using Tariq as leverage and a file of ‘pics’ that didn’t actually exist, that screamed guilty all over Obi’s face.

Davis’s connect partakes in street fighting, that tends to be undercover and it shocked Tariq, but intrigued Brayden. That connect happens to be Zion, who is a bit of a character who takes no prisoners. Zion got a thrill out of taunting Tariq and Brayden, as product was the key to making a move. Obi called his brother to inform him NOT to speak to anyone, but Dru had already arrived.

Kene, you gave Dru a little too much about those green cards that may have sealed your brother’s fate. Davis sent his colleague to spring Obi from police custody, just as Monet connected the dots that Diana is lying to her about Kate Egan and her address.

Yeah, Monet messed up her kids at a very early age. Detective Carter is a bit arrogant, which makes me suspect that will ultimately be his downfall before the series ends. Obi spun a good tale for Dru, but I was certain that a backstab was coming and it was. Noma per usual threw around her prowess about Obi’s whereabouts. However, Dru started to spill about the green cards, which Noma realized that Obi was working with Tariq to get those green cards.

Noma didn’t like that betrayal and she injected a knife into his throat killing him for that deception. I expected Obi to be around a bit longer, but we know Noma’s weakness, her daughter, Anya. Tariq utilized Effie to make his move to pit a war between Zion’s organization and Noma’s organization, and Effie took the bait. News of Diana being pregnant was discovered by one of her classmates, that Diana begged her to stay quiet about. Will she?

Noma and Cane, the chemistry is building between the two, and they were about to share a kiss, but Effie spotted it immediately and the two were busted. The funny thing was Cane and Effie seeing how Noma’s guard immediately dropped when Anya entered the room and tossed around her weight. Janet tried to get Monet to break out of her funk with old music and nostalgia. Cane and Dru torched a massive amount of Zion’s product intensifying a war that was implemented by Tariq for his own purposes. Kaamal, Rashad’s brother, was being questioned by Detective Carter, as they delved deeper into trying to nail Tariq.

Zion’s pal, Roman was accustomed by the police, just as Brayden came up with a plan to move the new product they are about to acquire, not to mention Davis is facing a divorce in addition to his professional career troubles. Cane speculated Effie might be working with Tariq in relation to Roman. It prompted Effie to call him out on his interest in Noma.

Davis paid Noma a visit proving that his legal prowess could be of benefit to her, and he spilled that he knows Obi is dead and that she was responsible for it. The tension between Noma and Cane peaked as the two gave into temptation before doing the deed in the kitchen. Tariq discovered from Pinky that it was Diana who gave Tommy Kate the information on Tasha’s location. The Tejada’s were celebrating a family dinner where Monet noted she is about to launch her own business. Cane and Dru were not interested, but Diana was.

Things got tense when Monet checked her phone and discovered that Diana set her up, and Dru helped her. Monet lost it, and Dru and Diana fled. Cane was disgusted and decided to go after his siblings ready to fire at them. Yeah, the siblings are splintered now.

Next week, the big news about Diana’s bundle is disclosed as we prepare for the mid-season finale, where I’m certain a major player or two meets his or her time with the Grim Reaper. Until next week, “Power” fanatics!