HOLLYWOOD─Last week audiences learned a bomb that apparently James St. Patrick aka ‘Ghost’ is dead. This week’s episode, ‘He Always Wins ’ witnessed more secrets unfold as the audience continues to try to figure out who shot Ghost. This episode seemed to focus on Angela’s sister, Paz and her involvement in trying to bring down Jamie. It looks like the final episodes will be a review of the past leading back to the present.

I’m starting to sense more about Paz’s mental state and instability, considering she was taking care of her sick father. Warner wanted to nail Saxe and went to a former colleague to get the information needed to neutralize a threat. Paz wanted Tasha to help her in destroying Ghost’s political aspirations. It’s amazing that even Tasha knows taking down Ghost is a near impossible task.

The rage in Paz was palpable as she was ready to shoot him dead in broad daylight, but jitters got the best of her. Paz paid a visit to the attorney’s office wanting to see Saxe, but instead came face-to-face with Jacob Warner, who wanted to help her. Paz confronted Saxe about failing his promise to catch Angela’s killer. Paz was coming to grips that her sister was not the saint she thought she was, and a talk from her son seemed to confirm that.

Paz was willing to expose Angela meaning she would lose all potential benefits of her sister’s pension. I must say I am surprised by this turn of events. That phone that was buried in the casket, Warner retrieved, but the SIM card was damaged, but messages were retrieved. This woman was determined; she was even willing to wear a wire to try to get any scoop on St. Patrick. It is amazing how this narrative is being weaved, but it makes perfect sense. Give the audience what they want, without giving them the full story.

Paz’s day got worse when she discovered her father was in the hospital suffering from an anxiety attack. Paz learned that Junior told his grandfather that Angela died. Tasha and Paz commiserated over their frustration involving Ghost getting away with murder yet again. Paz paid Tommy a visit asking him to murder Ghost, and he was placed in a dicey situation. How so? He was actually the guy who murdered Angela, and Paz has no clue about it.

Warner was livid to learn what Blanca did to try to nail Ghost courtesy of Dre. Yeah, look how that worked out for you Lt. Rodriguez. Warner received a visit from the Democratic Party warning him to let the case involving James St. Patrick to rest and stay buried. Paz woke up in the middle of the night in a panic when she couldn’t find her son, who was out for blood; he also wanted Ghost dead. Paz showed up at the nightclub, with gun in tow, as she contemplated exactly what to do.

Ramona came face-to-face with Paz who alerted her that the man she thinks she knows is not really that guy. Paz was ready to make her move, but she walked away. So that confirms that Paz did not kill Ghost, leaving Tariq, Tasha, Rashad, Tommy and Saxe as culpable. It was indeed a tender moment watching Paz with her father. She woke up the next morning to discover that James St. Patrick had been murdered. So last week I was speculating if James was killed, but now it’s confirmed he is indeed DEAD!

Warner made an enemy out of the Democratic Party, and learned that his rise to politics and in the government was done and over. Wow, and just like that Warner is dunzo and Paz learned he was fired. She buried her sister all over again, just as Saxe watched from a distance. Paz and Junior met with an attorney who was handling James’ estate and learned that St. Patrick left an inheritance to her. Tasha learned about Paz being left money, but she refused it, just as the question lingered: did Tasha kill Ghost? Tasha fought for Paz to take