NEW ORLEANS, LA—When it comes to football, no one ever talks about the musical performances, but  Super Bowl XLVII was one full of vocal talent.  First up was Grammy and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson who sang alongside the Sandy Hook Choir “America The Beautiful.” It was indeed an emotional moment that I am sure didn’t leave a try eye in the stadium or at home.Hudsonproved once again that her vocals are untouchable compared to so many others, belting her soul in those final moments of the song.

Up next to the stage was Alicia Keys who proved her unwavering talent as she played the piano while singing the National Anthem.  It was a mellow rendition to start, where I was bite concerned for the vocalist, but as the song progressed the momentum built to that climatic moment. Cheers where heard from the crowd as images were shown of soldiers from Afghanistan.

Keys ended the song with that triumphant note, proving that while the National Anthem is no easy task to accomplish; with the right vocals it can be done. In perhaps one of the most buzzed about half-time shows in years, Beyonce took to the stage to dazzle the crowd and the audience with her impeccable choreography and vocals.

She opened the show with a huge number of fans storming the stage.  A large flaming statue of Beyonce in fire cloaked the back of the stage as she sang her ubiquitous hit “Love on Top,” her clothing kept a secret for a moment.  The lights shined on the songstress revealing her all black out as the crowd was roused with her 2003 hit “Crazy in Love.”  Knowles did a small bit of her single “End of Time,” before transitioning into “Baby Boy” complete with a television screen showcasing multiple Beyonce’s. That number felt a bit flat on the vocals, the choreography was exceptional though.

The surprise of the show was the arrival of Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams as they jammed to “Booytlicious.” It was such a treat to see the girl group back again after so many years; I just wish the trio would have had more time to perform their hits on the stage. It was almost like as she as they jumped on stage they were gone.   I guess all those rumors of the trio not reuniting were false.  The group sang their female anthem “Independent Women” before Knowles transitioned to her biggest hit of all-time “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).”

The stage was then stormed with a few dozen ladies performing that ever so difficult choreography. She closed the show with one of my all-time favorite ballads “Halo.”  It definitely subdued the crowd, but allowed the singer to showcase her powerhouse vocals. She did indeed ignite a fire to a football game that was falling pretty flat. It will indeed by tough to follow-up the musical performances from Super Bowl XLVII.  I’m already trying to guess who might headline the half-time show next year.  Any guesses?

By LaDale Anderson