HOLLYWOOD—Episode seven is one tense episode! Battles and mystery will leave viewers thinking about their own religious beliefs.

A new location starts off this episode, Vail, Colorado, and we find out why Quincannon does not believe in God. His whole family was vacationing in Vail and all of them died in a freak accident. Quincannon was shipped the crates with the bodies inside and when Jesse’s father attempts to comfort him while holds up the guts of his daughter and the guts of a cow.

He says there is no difference and that Jesse’s father has to denounce God in his church. This is when Jesse’s father leaves telling Jesse some men can’t be saved.

Now in the present time, Quincannon’s men are unsuccessfully trying to take over Jesse’s church, so Quincannon can have the land. Jesse is praying inside the church, bargaining with God that if he brings Eugene back he will stop using Genesis. Sure enough Eugene comes crawling out of the dirt where he had previously disappeared.

Jesse was more than pleased to see him and tells Eugene that he was right and that using Genesis is cheating. As Jesse tells Eugene that he can’t use Genesis and can’t be trusted with it, Eugene suggests giving it back to the men at the motel. Jesse realizes that he never told Eugene about the angels, and that the Eugene he is talking to is just a figment of his imagination.

Miles goes to Emily’s house to try to comfort her about the prospective loss of the church. Emily instead heads straight to the church to support Jesse, despite Jesse’s meanness to her in the previous episode.

A short battle ensues as Quincannon’s men head out with guns and a tractor across the field to the church. Jesse is better than the group of men, shoots their weapons out of their hand and throws a Molotov cocktail at the tractor. When the Sheriff shows up he uses the loudspeaker to ask him to bring the angels.

Miles tries talking some sense into Emily that Quincannon’s is attempting to build things to better the community and things that might be better for her three children. He tells her that everyone has to make hard choices and to face that Jesse is a criminal.

Once DeBlanc and Fiore arrive, Jesse tries to find out if it will be possible to bring Eugene back from Hell. They say it is possible, but difficult, and so the imaginary Eugene watches on as the angels try to lure Genesis out of Jesse. After some singing and persuading Jesse to stop resisting, Genesis reenters its coffee can painlessly leaving Jesse.

Outside Quincannon plans a night attack on the church as rubbernecking townsfolk watch from lawn chairs at the end of the field. Donnie, Quinncannon’s right hand man, walks back to his car, opens the trunk and takes the sling off from the arm Jesse had broke. He then closes his head in the trunk, brings his gun into the trunk and shoots.

Now that Genesis has left Jesse he wants the angels’ help in getting Eugene out of Hell. The angels’ say they will look into it and get ready to leave. Jesse blows up on them saying it is not right for a kid to rot in Hell because of a mistake. As he gets angrier Genesis explodes out of the coffee can and reenters Jesse. Fiore and DeBlanc leave angrily saying they will be back and it appears the imaginary Eugene has left Jesse, too.

As night comes gunfire rains into the church and Jesse tries to defend it alone. Donnie had not committed suicide like I had expected, but he did cause himself to go deaf so Genesis does not work on him. Jesse is captured and Quincannon had won the battle. Before Jesse signs his father’s land over to Quincannon he asks to have one more Sunday. He plans to bring God to the church, and if the people do not like what he has to say Jesse will denounce God in front of every church attendant.

Two mysterious scenes end the episode. Tulip had bought a stray dog earlier in the episode and she puts it into a room where something growls and we see blood splatter from underneath the door. I suspect that Cassidy lives and is now healing by eating the dog. Then an unknown man has to depressurize something as a DANGER alarm goes off. I wonder what that is about.

Until next Sunday and with only two more episodes left we shall see if God really does visit the town of Annville.