“Pretty Little Liars” Gears For Season 4


HOLLYWOOD—The third season finale of “Pretty Little Liars” was so epic it has left PLL fanatics in a frenzy.  It’s been several weeks since the mystery of ‘who or what was in Detective Wilden’s trunk’ that left audiences on edge.  That is just one of the many questions we’re seeking answers for come season four.  When we last left the liars, they found themselves being dragged out of a hellish fire by none other than ‘Red Coat,’ but could the elusive figure who has been torturing the liars really be Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), I mean she’s dead correct?

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) saw her BFF, as did Mona (Janel Parrish) and Hanna (Ashley Benson). I will admit, it was Hanna’s ‘vision’ that caught my attention.  It really looked as if Alison was staring at Hanna, but she could have been hallucinating.  The same argument goes for Mona’s theory that she never saw ‘Red Coat’ because she was wearing a mask.  There was a mask on a dead body inside the morgue that was very reminiscent of Alison’s face.  Could ‘A’ or the elusive ‘Red Coat’ be someone masquerading as Rosewood’s favorite resident?  This theory will definitely be explored in season four, but answers I don’t expect until the final season of the series.

Let’s tackle another surprising mystery from season three, the revelation that Jenna (Tammin Sursok) being cozy with Shana (Ariel Miranda).  She was the mystery figure who spied on the liars at the masquerade ball.  More important was the revelation that Jenna, Shana and Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) are working together.  Just what are these three up to?  They have a vendetta against the liars, but would Melissa really take part in murdering her own sister to protect her secret.  We all know Melissa has secrets, but there are quite a few more that she’s keeping under wraps that I am sure will come to the surface.

That’s not the most shocking revelation. The reveal that Shana and Jenna rescued Detective Wilden after Ashley (Laura Leighton) struck him with a car was a stunner.  Just how does the duo know the officer?  For those not sure, go back to the Halloween episode from season two which reveals Jenna getting cozy with the young cop. The bigger question is whether Wilden is working against the liars or could Jenna and Shana be looking to take out Wilden.

It’s a question worth revisiting, as the biggest question remains, what did the liars find in Wilden’s cop car?  Whatever the discovery was had to be shocking; the looks on the liars face, including Mona did not look pretty.  First guess is it had to be a body, but whose?  Could it have been Jason (Drew Van Acker)?  We all know that Jason went M.I.A. after falling from the elevator shaft. Audiences are well aware that Mrs. DiLaurentis is returning to Rosewood.  If it’s not a body, than what would bring Alison and Jason’s mother back into town?

If inot Jason’s body, it could perhaps be CeCe Drake.  She hasn’t been seen ever since her run-in with Emily (Shay Mitchell) who revealed that Melissa took the picture of her and Alison on Wilden’s boat. To further complicate matters Detective Wilden was quite desperate to ‘get whatever was in his vehicle.’ Just what he was concealing I am wondering.  Could it be a body or perhaps something else?  A weapon, a body part, evidence, its hard to suspect the trunk to contain anything else, but a body at this point.   Unfortunately, the liars have fallen prey to another one of “A’s” master plans.  When will these girls understand that everything that happens to them is apart of this elusive figure’s plan.

Season four is bound to be an exciting summer filled with thrills as more secrets about Alison DiLaurentis, our liars and the residents of Rosewood come to the forefront.  The biggest question I want answered is who was the mystery person who pulled Alison from the patio after she was buried alive? Whoever it was had to be someone who ‘saw’ the attempted murder of the queen bee.  Once that mystery unravels, the other pieces will fall into play.  Note: I have reason to suspect that Alison’s murderer is one of the liars.  Think about it, so much happened that night that the liars cannot remember, like that flashback Emily had of whacking Alison over the head with a shovel!  That was not a coincidence in my opinion.

Get ready for tons of twists, shocking surprises and murder that is bound to shake Rosewood forever.  “Pretty Little Liars” returns with new episodes on Tuesday, June 11.  Summer’s guilty pleasure is back!

By LaDale Anderson