HOLLYWOOD—Last week, Jenna Marshall returned to Rosewood and she was harboring quite a few secrets to say the least, like her connection to Elliott Rollins. This week’s episode, ‘Along Comes Mary’ saw Jenna join forces with an enemy from the liars past. The episode kicked off with Alison returning home from the psych ward, just as Aria delivered a pie as a peace-offering. Ali realized she had to make a deal with the devil in order to get the goods on what her Aunt Mary was up to.

Hmm, the evil gene is indeed one that runs deep in the DiLaurentis clan. Ali and Mary bonded over their love for Charlotte, and Mary weaved a tale that didn’t make her as evil as she looked. Oh, the friction between these two is so palatable. Emily was happy to wake to the familiar face of Sabrina, after they spent the entire night chatting. Ezra confessed to Aria that he visited Nicole’s parents to acknowledge that he was closing that chapter in his life.

Spencer and Hanna were concerned with the overload of officers searching for Rollins’ vehicle. Aria and Emily discussed the fact that Rollins was well aware that Ali didn’t kill Charlotte. The girls chatted about Jenna’s involvement and Ali learned her husband was keeping way more secrets than she ever suspected. Ali discovered that all of her funds have been frozen; perhaps Uber A is up to no good yet again. Aria answered Ezra’s phone, where she was stunned to see the call coming from Nicole, who is very dead right? Looks like “A.D.” took Emily’s exam for her which left her flabbergasted, just as Spencer and Hanna decided to follow Jenna to see what she was up to.

Emily devised a plan to send a text to Elliott’s accomplice and it worked, with the culprit requesting a meeting at their usual spot. Emily and Aria were on a mission to get to that lead, but Sabrina was a slight hiccup in the plan. Ali was livid when she realized Elliott stole everything she owned. Spencer paid Toby a visit at work to find the whereabouts on Caleb, and was stunned to come face-to-face with Detective Marco Fury who happens to be Toby’s boss. Good job Spence playing things coy. Jenna stopped by Ali’s house and was surprised to see her former enemy answer the door. Looks like Jenna was looking to see Elliott, and it looks like Jenna was already aware that Elliott is dead.

Aria and Emily arrived and Elliott’s secret apartment, where they realized that Rollins was impersonating Detective Wilden. Jenna became acquainted with Sara Harvey who miraculously returned to town as well, what a coincidence. This can’t be good if these two team up? They’re not fans of the liars people. Emily and Aria were discovering tons of detail on Elliott who was paying Jenna and Mary. The ladies were stunned when Toby arrived to the apartment. Jeez, those girls are indeed lucky Toby is always thinking two steps ahead of them. The girls confessed to Toby that they poked around, but not before he gave them a 5-mintue warning.

Mary continually reminded Alison of her mother. Ali made a stop to the Rosewood Police Department to meet Detective Marco who had questions about her inquiry to recoup funds that were stolen from her. Emily was not happy to see Jenna and Sara becoming pals. Ali, Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily devised that someone knows what the liars did to Elliott.

Ali confessed that Jenna stopped by her house asking for Elliott, and Spencer got accustomed to sleeping alone. Ali received the red jacket back from A.D. just as Aria got the shock of her life when Ezra decided to ask her to marry him. I mean they were the one couple all PLL fans knew were destined to be together FOREVER! The episode ended on a climatic note to say the least, as Noel Kahn made a miraculous return to Rosewood as well. So what is his connection to Jenna and Sara people?

Hmm, this sure is the season of homecomings, as plenty of unexpected faces have returned to shake the lives of our favorite liars. Breathe people, “PLL” will not return for 2 weeks, but we’re only 5 episodes away from what will be a shocking summer finale. Until then “PLL” fanatics!