“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘The Bin Of Sin’

Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) pick a lock.

HOLLYWOOD—So “A’s” plan to frame Hanna for Mona’s murder is in full-force, but the liars had other plans in place. In episode 17, ‘The Bin of Sin,’ the ladies worked furiously to stay one step ahead of “A.” Caleb alerted the ladies of the latest string of developments.

For the first time, the ladies were seriously thinking of all possibilities that could come back to haunt them. Aria revealed the truth to Ezra about the letter she wrote to gain access to Talmadge. Ashley choose to keep a secret, but as we know in Rosewood secrets always have a way of coming out. Spencer interrupted Toby while he was at work, which complicated matters.

Lt. Tanner was not pleased to hear Toby suspecting that Detective Holbrook tampered with Ali’s polygraph test. Hanna did her best to cover her latest scheme to protect herself from being framed. Hanna proved to be smarter than the audience gives her credit. Surprise, Ezra was not upset about his lover’s ‘betrayal’ to say the least.

Ashley danced around the issue with Jason; he seemed more into her than she does to him. I have a feeling Jason might use this tryst to his advantage.  It was the moment of truth to see Caleb and Hanna break into the storage unit, which prompted the other liars to jump into action to prevent heir friend from doing something terrible. Haleb managed to get inside the storage unit, but nearly all the evidence was gone, all except that barrel. So what’s inside it?

Spencer, Aria and Emily tracked Mona’s computer to an abandoned warehouse, which turned out to be a set-up by the nefarious “A.” We must be in a horror flick because the ladies made a stupid move by splitting up, just as Haleb were confronted by Toby and Lt. Tanner. Wonder how they’ll get out of this pickle? It was a good cover, but I don’t believe the authorities bought it.

Spencer and Aria entered a chamber where they discovered Mona’s laptop, and a video of Hanna and Caleb plotting. “A” locked the ladies into a chamber full of liquid nitrogen planning to freeze them to death. Emily jumped into action, like a bulldozer to save the ladies. Don’t mess with Emily’s friends!

Inside the bin, Tanner and Toby were halted by a strong odor. Tanner decided to open the bin without Toby’s presence, which led to a decisive clue: small droplets of blood! Jason gave into temptation and kissed Ashley even though she did her best to convince him he had no chance. I have a feeling “A” has taken a photo of that kiss that will be used at a later date.

Ezra still reeling over Aria’s betrayal did his best to put on a happy face. Uh-oh, looks like Ezria might be in trouble! First, Pailey, then Spoby, now Ezria, who’s next Haleb? Hanna confronted Spencer about possibly alerting Toby about the storage unit. Looks like a friendship is on the verge of shattering.

Lt. Tanner suspected that whoever murdered Mona had help, which placed Toby in a difficult spot where he might be forced to uphold the law, even against his best friends. Emily brought up what the audience has already been screaming: Detective Holbrook is not the guilty party. Looks like Talia is doing everything she can to get closer to Emily. I think ‘Timily’ sounds cute right?

Hanna panicked knowing her actions had consequences, and Aria reflected on her Rosewood High memories. Aw, that’s so sad she had no extra-curricular activities listed under her name. Spencer got a call from Toby who informed her that he couldn’t talk about what was in the bin. I can’t believe the writers would tease the audience that way, and not share with us just what was in the bin. Relationships are falling apart left and right in this episode.

The final moments of the episode revealed evidence related to Mona’s murder being stored inside the same building the liars ventured into earlier in the night. “A” realized multiple fingerprints on the door. Just what is “A” up to? Next week looks intriguing as Detective Holbrook makes his return to Rosewood. The creepy factor just jumped to epic proportions. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!