HOLLYWOOD—With only two episodes left before the season six finale, it was apparent the writers would start to unfold major clues to the viewers about the new threats after the liars in the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” amply titled ‘Burn This.’ Hanna and Emily were shocked to discover that Ali and Elliott have tied the knot. Aria realized from photos that the tormentor left messages at her parents wedding alerting the liars to give them the killer by election night or else? Great, we should prepare to bid adieu to another Rosewood favorite by the end of the season.

Gosh, this is boggling my mind, the enemy is right in front of the audience and trying to pinpoint the culprit seems impossible. What? Mr. Hastings is back in the picture after missing in action since the season five finale. We got an interesting flashback involving Spencer and Toby in a dorm room staring at a cell phone. Still trying to puzzle precisely what that scene was all about. Aria and Ezra discussed the latest rumblings involving her parents “I Do’s,” just as the mystery of her involvement in the ghostwriting of his novel continued to be a hot button topic.

Per usual, Melissa has gone MIA when things hit the fan. Ashley decided to help out Caleb who needed a place to crash. Emily was unnerved by a strange sound she continued to hear near the pub. Toby was livid as he confronted Spencer about Caleb’s leak on Yvonne’s secret. The two pals came face-to-face and Toby punched him in the face.

Hanna was not happy to hear that her mother offered Caleb the opportunity to stay in the guest room, which caused a rift between mother-and-daughter. Looks like Ashley is no fan of Jordan, I wonder why? Mona confronted Spencer about leaking Yvonne’s secret and the former ‘A’ was none too pleased. Why? Mona was fired and is now in a world of trouble. Looks like the sparks between Ezra and Aria are about to reignite because they’re writing a book together. Lt. Tanner paid Aria a visit noting that she was spotted as a suspect who may have killed Charlotte DiLaurentis.

Emily was determined to get the details on the person who attempted to run her down, and nearly found herself in hot water. A vital clue is the fact that Melissa was not behind the wheel. Aria was rattled after having to appear in a police lineup and was certain Sara Harvey was responsible for raising that suspicion. This led to a tense confrontation between the liar and Lt. Tanner. Aria staged a scene to get the scoop on some police evidence. Jeez, Tanner, how gullible are you?

The liars were in a festive move as Hanna celebrated her bridal shower, it was an unexpected surprise as Mona stopped by. The tension was so thick; a knife would explode if one attempted to cut it. Seems none of Hanna’s BFFs really know much about Jordan at all. Looks like technology can go kaput at any given time as wind blew and flames erupted nearly turning Aria into a hot dog. Going back to that scene that occurred at the beginning of the show, it all makes sense now: Spencer had a pregnancy scare! That explains it; this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. To learn from Spencer that she had an abortion left me stunned.

Spencer confessed to Toby that Caleb didn’t leak that information about Yvonne, but a new “A” has reignited the game yet again. Ezra rushed to Aria’s bedside after hearing about her brush with fire and brought a care package to take care of his former love. She was ‘this close’ to acknowledging that the fire was no accident, but kept her lips sealed. Things turned awkward yet again, as Liam arrived at the hospital and broke the news about the book deal. Looks like Ezria will be getting back together sooner than fans expect.

Hanna and Ashley had a heart-to-heart about her relationship with Mona, and Hanna continued to cover with her mother about what really is happening in her life. The final moments of the episode saw Spencer giving Yvonne a call to apologize for the leak about her abortion. Mona and Emily discarded of trash, and Emily spotted Mona’s unique key chain and Mona seemed to be working for someone that she is afraid of.

Looks like that mechanic who was cleaning up that vehicle Emily took photos of was paid by the enemy to keep his mouth shut. With the penultimate episode slated to take place next week, will viewers have enough evidence to put a face to the enemy? Fingers crossed. Until next week “PLL” fanatics!