HOLLYWOOD—We only have 2 episodes left for the first half of season 7 and the surprises are being delivered by the boat loads for “Pretty Little Liars” fanatics. This week’s episode ‘Exes and OMGs’ saw the liars focus their attention on uncovering just who could be the second mystery child to Mary Drake that has totally changed the game in my opinion. The episode opened with the ladies discussing the possibility that Noel could very much be the culprit.

Ali, Spencer, Emily, Aria, Caleb and Hanna discussed the secret that Ali had on Noel that he didn’t want anyone to know. She revealed Noel pushed a frat girl down the stairs. Hanna was adamant that Noel was the culprit, because of those similar words written on the car and when she was struck by Mona years ago. Good one, “PLL” writers, a dream sequence! Aria revealed to Emily that it’s possible that Nicole could be alive, and he overheard her little secret. Alison decided to return back to Rosewood High to teach, just as a familiar face rolled into town: Paige!

Dr. Cochran might be the key to the Mary Drake mystery people! The news prompted Aria and Spencer to take a road trip. Alison found herself startled by a room full of students dressed in black hoodies. It looks like Emison could really get back together, but Paige might be a thorn in that budding relationship. Spencer and Aria ran into a dead end with Dr. Cochran who is no longer practicing and has vanished. However, his daughter was welcoming to the ladies and warned them to stay away from him.

Well, well, Mrs. Grunwald showed up at Hanna’s place unexpectedly and delivered some stunning news that she had a dream that darkness was lurking around Hanna and Caleb. Dr. Cochran’s daughter called Spencer alerting her that someone broke into her office and delivered Spencer an address of where her father might be located and that she should bring ‘whiskey.’ Hmm, looks like the enemy is well aware the liars are on to them. Hanna was warned that the threat to her is very close, just as she got a glimpse of Noel Kahn. Mrs. Grunwald had a nose bleed in the midst of Noel’s presence. It almost delivered the clue that Noel was the person who tortured Hanna in that barn. While in the principal’s office, Ali decided to look into the files of her classmates from 2012.

Hanna alerted Spencer, Ali, Emily and Aria about the sudden appearance of Mrs. Grunwald, and reiterated her theory that Noel was the culprit. The ladies weren’t buying what Hanna was selling. Aria and Spencer paid a visit to Dr. Cochran and used whiskey to bribe him to spill the beans about Mary Drake’s past. He divulged that patients at Radley weren’t treated well and that he fixed problems, particularly babies. Mary’s first child ‘Charlotte’ was given to Jessica, and then a flashback revealed that Mary’s second child was a ‘fighter’ and that he couldn’t recall if it was a boy or girl. Ok, that was a ton of help writers!

Pailey caught up with one another over dinner, and it’s evident a spark still exists between the two. During the wee hours of the night, Ali broke into the principal’s office to take a look into Noel Kahn’s file and received a threatening message from A.D. warning them to steer clear of their path. Ezra patiently waited watching the news to see if there was any news on Nicole. Wow, Aria even bought Ezra a ticket prompting the realization that things between them may never be the same.

Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Alison discussed the latest threat they received just as Hanna continued to have flashbacks of when she was tortured. Hanna made a call to someone about getting the keys to something in exchange for money. Hmm, who is our feisty liar chatting with? Gut reaction, it has to be Mona people right! Hanna alerted Caleb that she was leaving town for a bit, but it was apparent her tale was a complete lie. Ezra went searching for the truth about Nicole, but made it clear to Aria that it’s not over for them. Paige spied on Emily and her new love interest, which means she’s back in town for more than just a coaching job.

The final moments of the episode saw Aria admiring her wedding dress, just as Spencer looked at old family photos. Hanna locked herself away in a room in hopes of recollecting those moments of when she was tortured. Next week has to be a good one people because it’s the penultimate episode before the summer finale. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!