“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘Through A Glass, Darkly’

The liars attended yet another memorial in Rosewood.

HOLLYWOOD—Yeah, it’s January! You know what that means: “Pretty Little Liars” is back. The series had a jaw-dropping summer finale with the death of major player Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish). The liars returned to the second half of season five with episode 14, “Through A Glass, Darkly” that saw the ladies determined to nail Alison for her possible involvement in Mona’s demise.

There was just one slight problem; “A” has stepped up their game. The episode opened with Mona’s memorial, nearly three months later, and Toby is no longer in a wheelchair, he’s a cop. The liars were stunned to see Alison in attendance, where Mrs. Vanderwaal (Sydney Penny) delivered a vicious slap to Ali in a rage. Is it possible Ali really had remorse over what transpired to Mona? Hanna did her best to assist her former BFF’s mom in her time of grieving. The faces return! Mr. Hastings, Jason, the list goes on. Spencer was stunned to learn that her bail might be revoked.

Toby received news that a witness saw Spencer in the backyard where Bethany’s body was found, hidden by Detective Wilden. Uh-oh, looks like a cover-up in the Rosewood PD. Seems Lt. Tanner and Toby are a good team, realizing that all clues seem to lead back to Radley. Emily did her best to try to convince Paige to tell her parents that Rosewood is a safe place.

Hanna asked Caleb about possibly asking Mrs. Grunswald to get the goods on what may have happened to Mona. She discovered a clue inside a pet dog that Mrs. Vanderwaal gave to her. Seems Mona is still working beyond the grave.

Ali tried to bond with Aria when she got news she got rejected from another school. The Queen Bee didn’t like being called “A,” and when Aria used a whistle to draw attention to herself, Ali flew into a fury. Spencer became a frantic mess about her predicament, which caused the liars to try to come to her rescue. Ezra attempted to bond with Mike over his loss, but he was not budging.

Hanna got Mrs. Grunswald to come to town to get answers. The psychic was a bit surprised at the accusation that Ali killed Mona. She noticed that Mona was in a dark place. Spencer did her best to breakthrough to Jason about lying for his sister, which prompted Emily to steal Ali’s hair brush. Jason accused Ali about hiding something she did on Thanksgiving Day. What is a brother to do in such a situation? Her theory proves interesting: she is being framed by “A.”

Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) devise a plan to get the goods on Alison.
Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) devise a plan to get the goods on Alison.

Caleb was concerned when Aria got a bit of interest in his tech guru skills, just as Emily and Spencer broke into Mona’s house looking for evidence. They discovered a camera in the vent. A flashback revealed Mona and Hanna chatting about not ‘hiding,’ just before Hanna revealed news to Mrs. Vanderwaal about Mona’s secret camera.

Aria had a scary moment as “A” confronted her and threatened her with a nail gun. The liar was wrapped in plastic stapled to the while, while the elusive party stole Mona’s encrypted computer. Ali came face-to-face with Mrs. Grunswald, where our friend from another dimension got an eerie feeling when she touched Ali. The video showed Mona being viciously attacked by her assailant with blonde hair, Lt. Tanner and Toby learned from Jason that Ali could be culpable in Mona’s death.

Ali found herself cornered by Jason, as the police arrived on the premises, she tried to escape, but the liars halted her, claiming that “A” set her up. Wow, Alison is going to jail! I didn’t see that one coming. It looks too easy, “A” is winning and the liars have no idea. Aria had a heart to heart with Mike about Mona, which led to massive waterworks. Emily got a surprise when she realized Paige hadn’t missed her flight. It was a bittersweet break-up. Lt. Tanner revealed news to Spencer that all the charges against her were dropped.

The liars soon discovered what they thought to be a happy ending was all a ruse weaved by “A;” as fireworks signaled their enemy was still on the lose and more dangerous than ever. Is Jenna behind it? Seeing Ali in jail sent a major message to the audience, all is not as it seems. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!