“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘Hot Water’


HOLLYWOOD—Tuesday’s episode “Hot Water” didn’t waste any time in delivering more surprises to the audience as Spencer continued to be cornered by the “A” team and as the liars did some digging into Detective Wilden’s (Bryce Johnson) past. The episode opened with the quartet discussing Jason’s (Drew Van Acker) disappearance. They then speculated about CeCe’s (Vanessa Ray) involvement with Wilden, as someone spied on them.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) remained coy about her involvement with Wren (Julian Morris) just as Detective Wilden stopped by to spy on the liars.  Hanna (Ashley Benson) dropped a bombshell on the cop about his shady past; he made threats to the girls, particularly Hanna. Aria (Lucy Hale) was a bit stunned to see that Wes chose not to stay the night.  Hanna spotted Detective Wilden coercing CeCe into his vehicle.  These two definitely have a history, just as Ashley (Laura Leighton) was a bit concerned about the cop’s presence, as Hanna divulged details about Wilden’s possible relationship with Ali. Looks like Ms. Marin will be doing some investigating on her own.

Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) attempted to get through to Spencer, with no result. Aria stopped by Ezra’s (Ian Harding) place and was pleased to see him at home.  The couple bickered about where their relationship stands. He seemed a bit conflicted about becoming a daddy and juggling his relationship, just as he questioned her about Wes.  Wonder if she’ll disclose that kiss that she had?  Secrets have a way of coming out Aria, just ask “A.”

Spencer decided to open up to Ella (Holly Marie Combs) about her troubling behavior, as she extended an olive branch to the teen.  Paige (Lindsey Shaw) was a bit surprised when Emily and Hanna probed her about her visit with Shana and the costume shop to discover who was wearing the Queen of Hearts costume on the Haunted Train.  Shana was a bit of a fiery spirit who spoke her mind at all costs. Hanna created a diversion that allowed Emily to investigate the costume inventory, escaping in the nic of time before Shana caught her.

Aria and Spencer had a talk that was most needed for both parties, but Spence continued to give her BFF the cold shoulder.  Aria received a visit from Ezra’s wicked mother who attempted to bury the hatchet; she was stunned to learn that Wes stayed the night.  Seems mommy is a bit concerned that Aria might be playing both of her sons.  She attempted to get inside Aria’s head to make her realize that Ezra might not be the guy for her.

Aria informed Hanna and Emily about her troubled mess of a life. They realized that Aria kissed Wes. Ashley was a bit surprised to receive a visit from Detective Wilden who attempted to converse about his complicated relationship with the liars. Even Ms. Marin knows Wilden is harboring some secrets.  Spencer received another visit from Wren who attempted to decipher the problems haunting her.  He admitted that he wanted another chance with her, which caught Spence a bit off guard. The “friends” decided to have a bite to eat, which lead to a kiss. He’s the only guy to put a smile on her face two weeks in a row, just as someone spotted the duo; looks like someone cloaked in a red coat was watching.  Any guesses as to who? Spencer got a glimpse of the figure that seemed to vanish into thin air.

Aria burst in on an untimely meeting between Ezra and his mother, just as he fought for the woman he loved and the child she kept from him.  Paige admitted to Emily that she had a relationship with Shana over the summer, while she was inHaiti. Which unnerved Emily, I knew there was something between Paige and Shana.  Detective Wilden decided to follow Ms. Marin and pulled her over for what he suspects to be drunk driving, knowing very well that is not the case. He then threatened Ashley, and her daughter Hanna, which forced Ms. Marin to go into protective mode running Wilden over with her vehicle.  Just as a computer in his dash car captured the entire incident.  Is this apart of the “A” team’s plan?

“No company is better than bad company,” stated a coy Melissa to Spencer.  Spencer inquired about the statement which leads Melissa to unveiling that she knows she spent the evening with Wren.  Ezra wasn’t too happy to hear that his mom is selling Maggie’s condo.  I have a feeling that Maggie and Malcolm may be staying at a new place, notably Ezra’s. Someone decided to make sure Spencer’s sauna outing was more exhausting than she expected.  Looks like Toby, but audience cannot be fully certain of that from the shadowy figure.

Emily paid CeCe a visit where she found an unnerved CeCe trying to get out of town.  Emily revealed that Jason spotted her the night Ali disappeared. She admitted she thought Wilden may have gotten Alison pregnant and admitted that Ali was good at telling “lies.”  CeCe admitted that she met Ali because she was frantic about someone asking for the videos that she had secretly stashed. Just before rushing out of town she dropped another bombshell on the audience: it was Melissa Hastings who took the photo of Ali, Wilden and herself on the sailboat. Just exactly what was Melissa doing in Cape May?  Oh Melissa you are looking guiltier each day, can’t wait to see you try to talk yourself out of this one.  This new information does indeed prove that CeCe was a red herring.

“Steamy with Wren, steamy with me,” signed A.  Makes me wonder if Melissa would torture her own sister to get back at her for hooking up with her former fiancé?  Spencer’s BFF Aria rescued her from a terrible ordeal.  Spencer admitted to Aria that “A” was after her because she hooked up with Wren; she then dropped a bomb on her friend by giving an inkling she knows the identity of the person who is helping Mona.

The episode got tenser as Ashley informed Hanna that she struck Detective Wilden with her car.  Hanna and Ashley returned to the scene of the crime, but Wilden’s body was nowhere to be found. Did the “A” team take the body and why would they? Don’t mother ad daughter know you never return to the scene of a crime? They were unaware that they were being recorded from inside Wilden’s dashboard.

The episode concluded with someone viciously chopping up a bunch of roses to put together a wreath to signal an impending death. I have a feeling someone in Rosewood will not make it to season four.  This web of deception just continues to get more twisted.  I am eagerly awaiting the final episodes of this season where the loose ends will be tied up.  Until next week “PLL” fanatics!

By LaDale Anderson