“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘No One Here…’

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HOLLYWOOD—I was eagerly awaiting the penultimate episode of “Pretty Little Liars” before the mid-season finale, because the series never fails to disappoint.  In “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me” the audience finally saw Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) divulging major secrets to her sis, Spencer (Troian Bellisario), and they were indeed major. So what did Melissa reveal? She was the one who murdered Bethany Young, yep, uh-oh! Let’s go back a bit.

The episode opened with the liars ready to divulge all details to the Rosewood Police Department about Alison, but not before “A” posted a video of Ali in a candy stripe costume.  Spencer was ready to get violent, but Emily (Shay Mitchell) calmed her pal down. “A” then left the message “We’re all in this together,” but also quipped “Act normal b****s.”  This makes me suspect that “A” could possibly be Ali (Sasha Pieterse) herself or someone very close to the liars.

Emily asked Ezra (Ian Harding) for help regarding Alison and Cyrus, who was intrigued by the concept. Aria (Lucy Hale) was ready to blow a casket after seeing Mike with Mona (Janel Parrish). This prompted Aria to keep a close eye on Mona’s intentions. Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria, Spencer and Emily theorized that perhaps Ali has something detrimental on Cyrus for him to take part in her ‘plan.’

Hanna requested Spence’s help to get through to Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) who is battling some dark demons. The suggestion of a sober coach was not the best idea, so Spence suggested Toby (Keegan Allen) having a heart-to-heart with his pal, that didn’t go as planned.

Spencer found a letter from Melissa indicating that she was leaving town; this is quite sudden in my opinion, and makes me fear something worse has transpired to Melissa. Little sis, received a package from Melissa that included a video recording where she divulged all. Melissa indicated that she saw Spencer argue with Ali that fateful night and that she spotted an injured “Ali” near a grave. Fearing her sister did the worse, she buried the body, not knowing the person was very much alive and it was actually Bethany Young. Wow, I knew Melissa’s intentions were always to protect her sister. The bigger question is who attacked Bethany and who dug the grave? Sounds like a set-up if you ask me.

Lt. Tanner ambushed the girls once again making it clear that she is going to get the truth from the ladies, no matter how much she may have to harass them. The woman is persistent I must say, but where the hell has Detective Holbrook been all this time.

Aria’s family outing did not go as plan, as Mona was in attendance with Mike and her dad. The big surprise was Paige (Lindsey Shaw), who was spotted with another gal pal.  Aria whispered something into Mona’s ear that left her reeling. I’m dying to know what.  In an interesting moment, the enemies laid it all out on the table in the restroom, where Mona quipped to a degree her life was in danger. She also pointed out Ali will take out the rest of the girls once she is finished with Mona; the frenemy noted she knows some things about New York.

Aria had a conversation with her dad about Mike and Mona, but was thrown for a loop when Lt. Tanner arrived at the house to question her dad about the ongoing investigation. When Tanner barked, Bryon (Chad Lowe) barked back, but not before she dropped a bombshell that one of the ladies was about to divulge all. Of course, it was Alison! That devious little witch hasn’t changed one bit. Emily gained leverage on Alison with a photo proving she is in co-hoots with Cyrus thanks to Ezra’s spy skills. Caleb decided to finally spill his guts to Hanna about what happened in Ravenswood. Things got a bit supernatural as an Ouija board moved to the word “Goodbye.” Oh, please “PLL” writers don’t go supernatural on us. That will completely throw a wrench in the narrative if you ask me.

Next week marks the summer finale coined #fAtalefinale, where someone will DIE! Yep, a major character on “PLL” will bite the dust once again. The big question is rather the death will be a shocker or expected.  Until next week “Pretty Little Liars” fanatics, can’t wait!

By LaDale Anderson