HOLLYWOOD—In perhaps one of the lengthiest episode titles in the “Pretty Little Liars” history, “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me,” saw the liars discovering that Alison’s trail is soon to get underway. Spencer did her best to forge a bond with Hanna about their tiff, and just like that the ladies were BFF’s again.

The ladies were stunned to see Detective Holbrook return back to Rosewood. Emily started to have eyes for Talia. Spencer’s new housemate, Johnny continued to get closer to our smartest liar, I smell trouble for Spoby! Hanna started to crack with the possibility of being dragged down to the police station for questioning. That was only the beginning of her problems, as Hanna met Lesli a friend of Mona’s.

Who is this woman? She gave some exclusive details to the ladies about their nemesis. Spencer once again found herself snooping in her mother’s files, where she discovered that Mike Montgomery had been visiting Ali behind bars. Mrs. Hastings threw down the hammer informing Spencer that she would be going to college or else. Hanna and Caleb learned that Detective Holbrook had been suspended, which worried our wise-cracking liar about being targeted.

Aria attempted to converse with Mike about visiting Ali, but she wasn’t as smooth as she had hoped to be. Lesli continued to perplex Hanna, which prompted a flashback. In that flashback, Hanna and Mona recalled a fun sleepover about Mona watching people and being controlled. That seemed like a major clue, I’m just not certain what at the moment. Mike snapped when he saw Lesli with a book that belonged to Mona, but she revealed a Mike had gotten into an argument with Mona the night before she died.

Inside Mona’s book, Hanna discovered a recording tape, which led her to tell Caleb. They heard a recording of Bethany, who was livid about Alison, or so the audience is expected to think?

Aria decided to follow Mike to discover just what he was up to and found her brother leaving a bag of candies on the pier. He was none too happy to see her. She begged her brother not to visit Alison in prison, and he made threats to his sister. Hmm, who was Mike leaving the candy for? When Veronica revealed to Spencer that Alison’s blood was a match at the storage unit it nearly left her speechless.

Hanna found herself get pulled over by a police car, and accustomed by Holbrook who made threats. Hanna threw accusations, but learned that Holbrook had a fling with Alison, but was not responsible for the latest string of actions. Hanna being the beast, whacked the bad cop with her club to protect herself.

Emily decided to let her guard down with Talia which led to a kiss between the co-workers. Aria, Hanna and Spencer deciphered that someone else was helping Alison, not Holbrook, but possibly Mike. The ladies discovered from Bethany’s tape that what happened in Ali’s backyard was a trap. The final moments of the episode saw Mike paying a visit to Alison once again, just as “A” ventured into Mona’s bedroom hoping to retrieve the tape recording that Hanna already took.

Finally the liars are one step ahead of “A,” but I’m so confused with Mike’s involvement with Alison. Until next week “PLL” fanatics!