HOLLYWOOD—Hanna (Ashley Benson) was in the throws of “A’s” clutches, in the aftermath of being caught with a gun by authorities in episode six, “Under The Gun.”  She found herself being questioned by Lt. Tanner (Roma Maffia), who attempted to push Hanna’s buttons, but Hanna did not budge.  Both of her parents showed up at the station to rescue their daughter in the nic of time.  Emily (Shay Mitchell) gave Hanna, a dose of reality, not before having her world rocked when Shana (Ariel Miranda) mentioned that she was now a student at Rosewood High and a member of the swim team.  These two ladies do not like one another. Hanna told her dad she found the gun in her mother’s luggage from New York, which he didn’t believe.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Aria (Lucy Hale) and Emily discussed the news that Shana is now a new frenemy of the ladies, as Aria forced Spencer and Emily to hash out their problems.  She also met Connor, a friend of Mike’s.  Wonder what information he will divulge to Aria about her brother.  Ashley (Laura Leighton) was vehement that she did not take her ex-husband’s gun and that she did not kill Wilden.

Well, well Mona (Janel Parrish) returned back to Rosewood and let the girls know that Toby (Keegan Allen) had stolen the mobile liar and Spencer knew about it, and kept it from the other ladies.  A division in the group is indeed happening. Spencer’s actions will indeed have a ripple effect on everyone else. Aria and Emily was not pleased with Spencer’s deception, just as Hanna informed them that “A” framed her mother.  Ashley later admitted that she did take the gun for protection, but never used it.  It’s a nice dynamic to see her family back together, even in a time of crisis.

Toby worried about telling the girls the truth would lead to him never learning the truth about his mother’s death.  He’s willing to sacrifice all for “A” in order to discover what they know about his mom’s death. Emily stopped by to visit her BFF to check in on things and deciphered that the video footage of Jenna and Shana carrying Wilden off into the darkness after being hit by a car. Smart move on Emily’s part, I was surprised that Hanna gave up the info.

Connor put the moves on Aria and she turned him down quickly; I think he knows something about Aria’s brother. Emily dropped some exclusive evidence off at the police station while attempting to maintain her anonymity. Ashley’s mental state was slowly taking its toll on her. Spencer informed Emily that she believed that Alison was speaking to Carol Grunswald; not to sure about that theory, seems too easy. Emily lashed out at her friend for not thinking about the rest of the ladies in regards to the RV.

Emily discovered a soft spot for Shana after hearing her play the violin.  Mike lashed out at his sister for ‘hooking up’ with Connor which was absolutely not true.  It was heroic to see Aria confront Connor about his backlash, just as Mr. Fitz came face-to-face with Connor who was bad-mouthing his former love.  Quite a heated scene to say the least; tt was so tragic to see Aria be tormented by school bullies about her hook-ups with their teacher.

Spencer and Toby took a road trip to Ravenswood to locate the mysterious Mrs. Grunswald. It is a creepy town that screams horror and bad things alike. The townspeople are quite rude; it almost seems like a ghost town.

Mona asked Emily about what “A” has on Toby and she warned the girls that one wrong move could have a detrimental effect on all of them. Mona is quite smart, thinking before acting.  A weird acting gardener made a phone call after being paid a visit by Spencer and Toby. Spencer spotted the woman that she was looking for inside a beauty salon. This lady appears to be hiding some secrets, but does not recall any memories of Alison.

Aria wallowed in her grief, just as her brother attempted to mend fences about the situation; he admitted his wrong doing and promised to fix things with his older sis.  This is the first time; we’ve seen a kinder side of Mike, which has rarely been seen on the screen.  Hanna bonded with her father for the first time in awhile reminiscing about old memories as a kid. Spencer not giving up on the mysterious lady, experienced something out of the ordinary in this strange town as a wind storm drew all of the townspeople to the graveyard where Spencer spotted Shana.  Just what is she doing there?  As Shana fled the scene, Jenna was waiting in the getaway vehicle. As they attempted to chase after the duo, a black crow slammed into the windshield; that’s never a good sign.

Lt. Tanner paid Emily a visit at the coffee house and asked her to come down to the station; it looks like Em’s plan may have backfired.  A video is seen of Emily dressed in a red coat in Rosewood with a guilty sign.  It looks like that mask masker has a connection to “A” and used the mask that was made for Em against her.  Aria and Spencer speculated that the cops could be onto them next, just as they came face-to-face with Shana at the coffee house playing the violin.

Ezra spied on his former lover from a distance; just as someone in a black hoodie viciously destroyed someone’s vehicle; turns out it was Connor’s vehicle.  Looks like that person was Mike.  Ashley was arrested, as the gun proved her fingerprints were on the gun that killed Wilden; a heartbreaking moment for our most outspoken liar, Hanna as she begged her mom to confess the truth.

The final moments saw “A” breaking into someone’s vehicle wearing an Emily mask.  “A” has a penance for using mask against our favorite liars.  Perhaps it’s a good thing that Spencer and Aria didn’t get their faces molded.  Next week looks to be action-packed as “A” comes after one of the liars parents with a car!  Until next week “PLL” fanatics.

By LaDale Anderson