“Pretty Little Liars” Reveals ‘A’ Details

The mystery surrounding "A" continues to loom on "PLL."

 HOLLYWOOD—The ABC Family hit “Pretty Little Liars” is stellar at weaving a web of mystery and deception that keeps the audience glued week after week. This week a special fan-episode of “PLL” was unleashed to audiences. Did the audience really learn any major details? Not really, but we did get scoop on some major things. First up, we got our first glimpse of the upcoming Christmas episode, which looks like something out of a horror movie.

While not much is divulged, we know Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is out on bail, and the ladies are lurking around town, as the writers have promised a few major surprises will be revealed. Just what, we’ll have to wait until December 9. Perhaps, bigger news divulged to fans was the revelation from creator I. Marlene King that the revelation of Uber “A” or Big “A” depending on who you speak to, WILL BE revealed before the start of season seven. Hmm, this makes me suspect that season seven could be the last hoorah of the series.

That revelation from King alerts fans of two things: “A” could be revealed at the end of season five or we’ll likely learn his or her identity at the end of season six. Rarely are major revelations given during the summer finale, it’s always the winter finale or the special Halloween episodes we’ve seen in the past. That does push hope that we could learn the elusive identity in the Christmas episode, but I’m not too certain about that. The writers are sure to push that revelation going into season six.

The question every fan wants to know is just who is “A?” Considering we’ve been hoodwinked on more than one occasion, I would say there are some definite characters that rise to the top of the list. The one theory that can’t be escaped is the idea of a possible twin lurking out there. For those who have read the books, Alison (Sasha Pieterse) has a sister named Courtney in the books.

The writers and producers of the TV series have noted they are not planning to follow the exact details of books, but a birdie has leaked that a character on the show might have a twin out there, and that person isn’t Alison Dilaurentis. I think if the writers really wanted to throw the audience for a loop they would give one of the main four ladies, either Spencer, Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria (Lucy Hale) or Emily (Shay Mitchell) with a twin. Perhaps Spencer would be the obvious choice; there is major bad blood between the Hastings and the Dilaurentis clans. A secret child could definitely be at the root of the mystery.

Now that the audience knows the girl in Ali’s grave is someone named Bethany who had hatred for Mrs. D because she had a relationship with her father. The men in Rosewood have been known to sway a bit, including Peter Hastings (Nolan North) and Bryon Montgomery (Chad Lowe). That means either could be culpable in the mystery. Ali knew more than she explained to the liars about Bethany, which means she could very well know who Bethany’s father is.

If we’re really looking at suspects the top player on the list is the ‘Woman in Black.’ It’s been noted multiple times that this character is end game. We’ve only gotten a glimpse of them on two occasions. Once at Detective Wilden’s funeral, and recently in episode five of season 5; on both occasions the figure appeared to be a tall, slender woman, but the writers could be throwing surprises our way.

I think the possibility of the ultimate villain being a teen is not likely, I think the ladies are definitely dealing with an adult here. The intent is malicious and quite deadly to say the least. Multiple citizens have already turned up dead in the town of Rosewood, with no precise arrest of the culprits in each case.

If I were to peg five suspects at the top of the list they would be: Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto), Wren Kingston (Julian Morris), Ashley Marin (Laura Leighton), Veronica Hastings (Lesley Fera), Jason Dilaurentis (Drew Van Acker).  Some might be asking why a parent is at the top of the list. I’m going by the factoid that our Big “A” is likely a character we’ve seen since the first episode. And all of these people make the list.  To discuss motives, we would need a separate article for each character.

If we were forced to eliminate a few suspects, the remaining two on my list would be Melissa and Ashley. Why? They both fit the mold of the ‘Woman in Black,’ the only issue I’m having is a motive for all of their shenanigans. Whoever is the mastermind behind the chaos in the town of Rosewood, it has to be believable to the audience. I can’t see why a parent would torture their own child, unless one of our main characters is not blood after all.

All I can say is that I’m dying for the revelation to come front and center, the fans have been waiting way too long and even if we learn the revelation and not the characters, it better be worth the wait. “Pretty Little Liars” returns for the second half of season five on January 6, 2015 on ABC Family at 8 p.m.

By LaDale Anderson