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“Quantico” Has Me Hooked

"Quantico" has become my newest guilty pleasure for TV watching.

HOLLYWOOD—I’ve been waiting to write about this show because I wanted to know if the series would be able to maintain my attention after just 1-2 episodes. I can safely say that the ABC drama “Quantico” has turned into a guilty pleasure for me every Sunday night. It’s rare that a show debuts where I tell myself, “I have to watch it,” but this is one of those shows.

My first concern was hesitation that the show might be shedding a bad light on the Muslin culture, but the show finds a way to not be overtly singular in its narrative troupe. We have characters that are well fleshed out and at the same time the series revolves around how each of our characters have major secrets they are keeping from the others. It doesn’t hurt that the series plays with the idea of time travel also. This is becoming an all too common troupe in the television arena. Starting in the present and jumping back to the past or vice versa.

Its works quite well for a show like “Quantico” where the goal of discovering who the real terrorist is relies on putting all the pieces to the puzzle together by carefully examining all potential motives from the star players. It’s also nice, even if it’s fictional in its storytelling aspect to get an idea of the inner workings of the FBI Academy. The ins, the outs and all the other chaos that occurs in perhaps one of the toughest places to get into, next to the CIA.

The spy drama revolves around a group of FBI trainees who eventually make it to status of becoming FBI agents. In the midst of reaching a pinnacle in their careers, the United States suffers a terrorist attack by one of the agents. The audience is made to believe that Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) is the guilty party, but it becomes obvious in the very first episode she is being set-up. The question to ask is just who would be looking to set-up the beautiful, sexy and terrific Alex for such a heinous crime. Well let’s take a look at the suspects.

Of course we have the big head honchos, Liam O’Connor (Josh Hopkins) and Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis) who are senior authority figures at Quantico. Miranda has a bit more pull than O’Connor, but she is grappling with her own personal crisis involving her son. While Liam continues to pull the strings with new recruit, Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin). Ryan meets Alex on a plan, and a few hours later they are getting hot and heavy in his car. He has developed genuine feelings for the lead character, but he also has a mission to do his best to keep tabs on her every move and report back to O’Connor with the gist. While I’ll throw out Miranda and Ryan as guilty parties, I have a theory that Liam is secretly working with someone else to frame Alex.

There is Alex’s roommate Shelby (Johanna Braddy), who is a sharp-shooter and has the hots for Caleb (Graham Rogers). Caleb is a legacy here at Quantico, but proves he doesn’t have the skills to be an FBI agent, so he is brought on board as an analyst after his taunting results in the death of another recruit. I’m starting to suspect that there is more to Caleb than what the audience knows, perhaps he’s working for a bigger goal that has yet to surface.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing characters amongst the bunch is Simon Asher (Tate Ellington). Simon is noted as being the FBI’s first openly gay recruit, but the audience is well aware that Simon is not gay at all, and is very interested in Raina (Yasmine Al Massri). Kudos to Massri who does a stellar job of playing the role of twins Nimah and Raina; the way that she can give the cold shoulder to Simon so quickly is hilarity at its best in my opinion. Only Miranda is aware that the twins are part of a special project to see if the FBI is capable of keeping such a highly skilled operative in boot camp without anyone realizing it.

Simon, while someone who has been assisting Alex on her mission to prove her innocence, seems to still be harboring way more secrets than what have come to the surface. I mean this guy paid someone to pretend to be his boyfriend; he wears fake glasses and is doing quite a bit to cover his bases on all fronts, even though he has to battle with openly gay analyst Elias Harper (Rick Cosnett) who is onto Simon. Could Simon commit murder to cover his tracks? Only time will tell.

I love how the series has crafted a phenomenal whodunit while delivering all these juicy tidbits about these characters and fleshing them out in a way were each of them is quite distinctive. Our hero Alex is no dummy. This girl is smart, I mean bonkers smart and just when you suspect the authorities have her trapped she finds a way to elude them causing further frustration. Each week, just when you suspect you’re getting close to solving the mystery a curve ball is thrown. “Quantico” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC.


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