HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s premiere episode of “Queen Sugar” set the stage for the impending war between Parker and Charley as the fight to save St. Joseph. This week’s episode, ‘Mid-March 2020’ witnessed Darla and Ralph-Angel full-throttle as they started their wedding planning. Yes, the couple is ecstatic to be reunited after all the darkness they faced.

New York? That is the place where Ralph-Angel wants to honeymoon? It is indeed simple, but when you come from a small town a place like New York is big. Charley is indeed a boss people; the woman will not tolerate any mess. In the midst, she was providing advice to Nova who was nervous about meeting Calvin’s family at his grandfather’s birthday.

The COVID-19 crisis became front-and-center in the episode, as news and residents of St. Joseph whispered behind the scenes about this virus that is slowly, but surely starting to spread across the country. The energy was awkward as Nova started to meet Calvin’s family. She was nervous, she was hesitant and it was obvious things were about to get tense as Nova came face-to-face with Calvin’s ex-wife. Charley gave Darla keen advice on how to prepare for her interview for that big job that could be in her future.

Hollywood was busy putting the final touches on his guys lounge, The Real Spot, as Violet gave him a special touch for the big celebration. Micah surprised his parents with the revelation that he has joined a fraternity. To say that his parents were stunned, especially Charley was an understatement people. Awkward people, yes, the same was echoed when Calvin introduced his son James’ to the melee. It only became more contentious when Nova and Haley came face-to-face for the next time.

Haley started to discuss Calvin’s past and this big celebration was a reflection of the past, present and the future. It is safe to say Calvin is indeed in love with Nova and he proclaimed that in epic fashion at the party in front of an audience. Charley was forced to acknowledge that Micah is growing up and she cannot continue to treat him like a child, just as Nova asked Calvin the tough questions about his past and if he has a thing for ‘Black’ women as he professed his love yet again.

Ralph-Angel was skeptical about the impending pandemic, as Darla was a bit more concerned about what could transpire if the virus reached their neck of the woods. Hollywood was in a dancing and celebratory mode as The Real Spot was officially open for business. The Coronavirus pandemic exploded as the episode neared its end, as Nova, Charley, Calvin, Violet and Hollywood learned that the virus was shutting the country down slowly, but surely.

Concerns about safety reared its ugly head, and the pandemic hit our characters in epic fashion, Vi’s business would have to shutter its doors, Hollywood’s hot spot would also be placed on the backburner people. We are actually seeing the pandemic play out in real time and how lives were actually impacted for the worse. We will chat more next Tuesday “Queen Sugar” lovers!

Written By LaDale Anderson