HOLLLYWOOD—A storm is coming people and it’s a big one on “Queen Sugar.” This week’s episode, ‘Our Senses Restored’ saw Darla, Billie, Nova, Ralph Angel and all the residents of St. Joseph before for a big storm that was going to have ripple effects. Violet provided sound advice to Joaquin to focus his mind on other things and not worry about things that he cannot control.

Micah was beginning to feel the pressure of not being able to access his finances and it was something Ralph Angel overheard and alerted his nephew to be careful about chasing money. Hollywood spotted the bruises on Dante’s knuckles and had a conversation about bullying. Nova received the shock of her life when Calvin showed up at her doorstep leaving her speechless. She was angry, but it was evident that the love Nova has for Calvin is stronger than she realized.

Darla continued to receive threatening calls from Chase and she warned him to leave her alone. Ralph Angel and Micah returned to the Bordelon farm where Micah was afraid what might transpire if they didn’t get home before the storm intensified. Benny, Billie and Sandy were all hunkered down at Prosper’s property and it looks like sparks might fly again between Benny and Billie.

Violet realized Joaquin was suffering big time with the storm; so it is apparent storms give him a strong sense of anxiety. Nova and Calvin had a tough conversation about their whirlwind romance where they constantly break each other’s hearts. With the snap of a finger, the power goes out and Nova admitted her feelings for Calvin. Billie was asked to be Sandy’s Maid of Honor, just as Darla got an update from Ralph Angel that he was at their former home.

I do like Nova with Dominic, but there is something about Calvin and Nova together that just clicks people. Calvin soon discovered that Nova is dating again and she did her best to close the door on their relationship, but Calvin was not ready to let go of her and they shared a tender embrace people. Micah and Ralph Angel were concerned about someone knocking on the door and he was concerned about inviting someone into the property; there were concerns if the person was as Landry spy, but the bomb was dropped: it was Chase, Darla’s ex and Blue’s father!

Oh, man this is about to get crazy! These scenes between Nova and Calvin are fire people, however, Blue is a dead ringer for Chase. Chase has a big mouth, and Ralph Angel started to connect the dots, and realized that the man looking at him in the face raped Darla and Ralph Angel lost it. He put a beating on Chase and Micah found himself having to try to stop his uncle from killing a man. Whoa!? Micah tried to talk sense into his uncle to not put himself into a situation where he goes back to jail leaving Darla, Blue and his daughter without him.

Yeah, this situation is getting is going to explode people. However, it feels like Nova and Ralph Angel have come to terms that their relationship is indeed over; they shared some tears and it was a bittersweet goodbye people, a tough pill to swallow for fans of the series from season one people. Riveting episode, full of twists and turns people, but next week we near and explosive climax as Darla comes face-to-face with Chase. Until next Tuesday “Queen Sugar” lovers!