HOLLYWOOD—The infamous, Betty, the woman viewers have heard about for the past few seasons, the audience finally saw her face this week on “Queen Sugar.” This week’s episode, ‘We Can Be’ saw Violet reunite with her former pal to get the tea on what Sam Landry has been up to. Betty was stunned to see Violet who asked her pal to come back to Saint Joseph and I’m curious. What transpired with Betty that has her so hesitant to return to the place she once called home?

So Betty was threatened by Sam’s father if she had Parker, and it was soon discovered that Sam’s father beat him and threatened to cut him off if he married Betty. So Betty and Sam are still married legally and she has no idea of Sam’s dirty dealings with her land. With Micah, it looks like he’s about to make a big move to New York for more opportunities, but Ralph Angel had stress on his mind. It was all related to Blue’s father, Chase, who he is a dead ringer for.

Ralph Angel is fueled with rage over Chase and that rage is boiling over. Micah gave sound advice about speaking to Darla about how he feels about Chase. He had that talk with Darla, who wanted that part of her past buried, but it turned into an argument. Billie informed Nova that she and Vince are engaged. Ralph Angel was anxious about speaking in front of the USDA, just as Betty was stunned to realize her daughter has become someone she does not recognize. Looks like Ralph Angel pleading his case to the USDA got the attention of a Louisiana senator who decided it was time for her to do more digging into what has been going on with the Black farmers in Saint Joseph.

Nova got a bit of bad news about her Aunt Martha who passed away in the last month. Micah may have found a new love interest in Bree thanks to his grandmother who is exposing him to a new culture. Parker and Landry had their meeting with the board about finalizing the sale of the land, but it was halted by Prosper who dropped a bomb on Parker and Sam, to say they were dumbfounded was an understatement.

Parker was speechless to see her mother and she spoke a bit of truth that struck her daughter in the heart. Betty revealed that a portion of that land that Sam is leveraging belongs to her and Parker. Well it seems Parker had no idea what her father was up to and Sam looked like a fool for once. Betty did her best to speak sense in her daughter, but she was indeed hitting a brick wall. Looks like Billie has had the right approach in dealing with Billie, by treating her as a potential ally instead of an enemy.

Darla was against Ralph Angel telling Blue how he was conceived and what Chase did his mother. She was not willing to allow Ralph Angel to disclose this bomb on their son and him NOT being able to understand what transpired as a result. Betty had that long awaited confrontation with Sam where he drew up the paperwork for her hand, which she provided to Ralph Angel to make good use of the land as her of her family legacy.

A dinner that was full of laughs became a moment of truth for Parker courtesy of Billie and Nova who informed her of the truth that her mother endured at the hands of her father, and just like that all ends well people, at least for now. Interesting development people, so it looks like Parker has turned on Sam as well. Next week, see the return of Blue, as the audience is delivered the penultimate episode of “Queen Sugar” before the series finale.