HOLLYWOOD—Talk about drama because that is what the audience got with the latest episode of “Queen Sugar.” This week’s episode, ‘With a Kind Of,’ opened with Nova dreaming about her parents. I’m wondering if this is in relation to her dilemma about allowing her book to be optioned into a film. We got to the meat and bones of that bomb as Nova finally revealed to her family the offer that had been brought to her. Ralph Angel and Darla talked about Charley fighting to rebuild her mill after the blaze that devastated things and using the mill as part of the co-op as a financial gain.

Darla is smart people, smarter than people think. Micah on the other hand was forced to face the consequences of his actions after he allowed that picture of his mother to be uploaded to the NFT universe. Yes, Micah you made a blunder messing around with Zane who was only focused on making a buck people. Hollywood was already bonding with Joaquin and his brother, even though Violet was worried about them being severed sooner than later. It was a sweet moment people.

Billie chatted with Nova about her decision to end things with Vince, but I was under the guise that Vince and Billie were working to repair their relationship. However, that minor drama was nothing compared to the bomb that was dropped on Violet and Hollywood about them not being able to foster the boys because Ralph Angel lives in her home, and he’s a felon. That is the problem in society; once you’re labeled it is hard to break it.

So Nova spilled the tea to Micah about a movie being made about the family, but it seems Violet, Darla and Ralph Angel don’t know yet. Micah dropped a bomb on his aunt about the video involving his mother, but Nova was against Micah posting that video and she made it crystal clear she was NOT A FAN of him monetizing his mother’s worst moment. Micah no matter what you attempt to do you cannot delete that NFT. I can already tell this bomb is about to make waves. Darla was not pleased to receive a call from Chase, Blue’s father, who made threats against her and I am eager to find out what else transpired during Darla’s collegiate years that she has been hiding.

Nova loading up on wine is not going to soften the blow you’re about to drop, as Darla was seriously on edge people. Violet was apprehensive, but once details about potential casting and numbers being offered came to light, most were in agreement, but Darla was NOT in favor of it and stormed off in a rage, as the family became worried, and it was apparent that Darla was worried about her assault coming to light. This was some exceptional acting from Bianca Lawson people. You could feel her pain and it sent chills down my spine.

Micah was livid that Zane refused to take down the NFT regarding his mother and it became a realization he might derail his mother’s political aspirations, but having a celebratory victory at the company cheered him up. Things were about to be dicey as Violet and Hollywood grappled what to do with the boys, and a master plan came to fruition: Hollywood would place the housing application in his name and allow them to still house the boys.

Darla and Ralph Angel found a renter who was willing to give them a shot and this joy people, the smile on my face right now is epic. This episode is fulfilling me in so many ways that I cannot explain. However, I was dealing with a little heartache watching Joaquin and his brother attempting to flee, but Hollywood busted them. Once Hollywood broke the news to the boys that all is well with Ralph Angel, the reassurance was all these boys needed. Hands down the best episode of the series that I have seen in a long time! That film offer was still unnerving Nova who made it clear it was a no from her, but opportunity is not ready to let things go.

Nova and Billie enjoyed some drinks and a bit of dancing while at a jazz club and Billie found a suitor, just as a flame from Nova’s past put a smile on her face. Over with Micah, a few text messages proved that Charley and Davis were not happy with the move that their son made. Looks like Micah might have to face his parents in person to explain what he did. Darla and Ralph Angel were getting accustomed to living in their own space people.

As expected, Darla received another unwarranted call from Chase threatening her about the book that Nova wrote. Yeah, whoever Blue’s father is, he is indeed a wicked fiend and things are still building people. Best episode of the season so far, which makes me wonder what else we can expect as the series reaches its end people. Until next Tuesday “Queen Sugar” lovers!