HOLLYWOOD—I’ve always expected Quinn Fuller was a bit off the rails on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” This woman is the epitome of a mother who will DO ANYTHING for her son, and I mean anything to ensure Wyatt gets the happily ever-after she never had. Lately, mommie dearest made plans to kill her nemesis turned lover Liam Spencer, but got cold feet near the mountainous cliff.

So what did she do? She utilized her former hubby Deacon to assist with her plan to push Liam off the cliff to his death, but she got cold feet. When Liam jetted off to get her inhaler, Quinn flipped and pushed Deacon off the cliff! Yes, I seriously thought this woman was about to kill Liam, but she killed the one guy who gave his heart truly to her and all her madness! Well let me say maybe, cause there is a chance that Deacon might not be dead, and if that is the case expect vengeance to swoop in like Quinn never expected.

To make matters worse, she has been secretly hiding Liam, who she has dubbed ‘Adam,’ at her cabin from Steffy, Wyatt, and the rest of the Spencer and Forrester clan. Liam’s memory has gone awash so he has no idea he’s been sleeping with the enemy, not to mention his brother’s mother! Yes, it’s quite sick to say the least. I must say it’s a treat to see Wyatt get some recognition from Bill who has always placed Wyatt on the backburner.

What’s sad is when the truth comes out, Wyatt will be devastated. Why? He’s going to lose it all, his soon-to-be wife Steffy, his position at Spencer Publications, his mother, his world will indeed come crashing down, and I can see a riveting storyline for the forgotten Spencer to come front and center. Wyatt’s first wife, Hope, made a surprise return to the series last week when she updated her enemy Steffy, that she has no intel on the whereabouts of her former love Liam.

Could this be a sign that a new Hope Logan could be coming to the foray in the coming months? We shall see. Also making a surprise return back to Los Angeles was Ivy Spencer, who was not pleased to hear about Steffy and Wyatt’s engagement. I mean think about it, these brothers have all shared the same women, and it’s simply crazy, weird and just odd. Quinn’s antics are just scratching the surface of what is certain to be explosive action on “The Bold and the Beautiful” in the coming weeks.

In other news, Caroline has given birth to a baby boy and all signs are pointers to the reveal that Thomas is her baby daddy, not Ridge. Thomas has been getting much closer to his baby brother, um, son, just as Ridge has been doing all in his power to prevent his son from building a bond with his child.

Ridge and Caroline were in the perfect position, but Ridge still has bad blood with his brother Rick, and the fact that he has been running around more arrogant than ever, does not bode well for this secret to stay under wraps. Why? Well, Ridge’s former love Brooke told Rick that Ridge had a vasectomy. Do the math people, it’s just a matter of time before Rick and his peddling wife Maya, discover the truth about Caroline’s baby. I’d say those two should be more focused on Nicole and her pregnancy instead of Rick. Why?

Nicole hasn’t had an easy pregnancy and the fact that she lost her first true love Zende, makes things only worse. Once the relationship was caput, Zende hopped into bed with Sasha, Nicole’s BFF and um her sister. Yeah, Nicole, Maya and Vivian have no idea of Julius infidelity, but expect more madness when the secret comes out. Nicole has already laid into Zende and Sasha, but this news could indeed cause her pregnancy to be at risk. And if anything happens to Rick and Maya’s child they will unleash wholly hell on Sasha and it won’t be pretty.

So bold actions have bold consequences, as it appears “The Bold and the Beautiful” is ready to unleash secrets as spring emerges.