HOLLYWOOD—Well if you like reality TV drama, nothing is more dramatic than the reality hit, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Yep, the ladies of 90210 are back, but there are a few fresh faces to the mix as well. Yolanda Foster, who has been with the series since season 3 is out, as is Kathryn Edwards who joined the cast last season.

However, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Erika Girardi are all back. Oh, by the way we have to say hello to new housewife Dorit Kemsley who has a bit of an accent, yet she is from Connecticut. Yes, she looks like she will be an interesting firecracker the rest of the season people, especially if the teaser is any indicator, Dorit and Erika will be in multiple catfights as the season unfolds.

The seventh season, yes, the seventh season kicked off with Lisa V introducing the ladies to her newest pal and housewife Dorit. Erika received an extravagant painting from her husband, which was the tease for the massive ring he purchased for her. Could we be looking at the latest housewife to fall under Lisa’s spell? I’d say not likely, as Dorit seems to speak her mind all the time, and does not bite her tongue. This woman speaks tons of various accents, but be aware people, she’s not British!

All of the mingling was just the beginning of a massive pool bash being hosted by Erika a birthday bash; turning 45! There was still friction spilling over from last season involving Yolanda’s Lyme disease, Lisa R, Eileen and the debacle that divided the group in my opinion. Do I think Eileen and Lisa R care how Vanderpump feels? Not so much people!

The bond between Erika and Eileen looks to be growing over lunch, which was soon joined by Kyle who HOPED the friction between Rinna and Vanderpump has died down. Musician Boy George is a major element in the Kemsley household. Erika’s bash was Studio 54 themed with tons of disco balls and over-the-top antics to say the least. It was a treat seeing the ladies dressed in 80s clothing in celebration of all things that many hope never come back to the fashion arena.

That Erika sure knows how to throw one hell of a party, but it was not without a bit of drama people. Why? The tension building up to that major moment of Vanderpump, Eileen and Rinna coming face-to-face after all the madness from season 6 was well worth the wait. Awkward is a bit of an understatement, but we shall see what unfolds as the season continues to move along. Lisa V threw shade at Rinna and gave the cold shoulder to Eileen, who could care less about the fiasco. The friction was quite thick between Eileen and Lisa V, more than Rinna which was quite shocking! Dorit, who is turning 40, is inviting everyone to her big bash; tons of people, all the ladies who are frenemies of Vanderpump!

Looks like the big talk of the night was the lack of food at Erika’s bash; I mean she did have cake people, but rather it was edible or not was another tale. The rest of the season indulges with plenty of lavish trips, drama, the return of original housewife Camille Grammar, not to mention the introduction of another new housewife who could stir the pot in Eden Sassoon, yes, that Sassoon, the daughter of Vidal Sassoon! “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Written By Cecily Simmons