Reese Kolar Leaves Pottery Work Throughout SF


SAN FRANCISCO—Reese Kolar, 29, a teacher assistants at Sharon Art Studio, is dropping his pottery work around the Richmond District of San Francisco. 

Such arts pieces displayed throughout the city include bowls, vases and other creations that have been crafted by Kolar himself. 

“I simply had too much pottery to carry and nowhere to put it,” Kolar told the SFGate. “Most of them are older pieces that I didn’t really want to sell to anyone and just wanted someone to appreciate simply for what they were and not for who made them or how much they paid.”

Kolar has been dropping off his artwork because he is moving from his current location to a new one. The artist is using the drop-offs as an outlet for his work. To learn more about Kolar’s work visit his Instagram @kolarceramics or website at

Reese Kolar Leaves Pottery Work Throughout SF was originally published on San Francisco News