“Reign” Bombs The CW This Week

Mary, Queen of Scots, is now desperately trying to help the French people.

HOLLYWOOD—No really, the threat of a bomb was the background conflict for this week’s episode of “Reign.” As Lord Narcisse’s treachery against Francis increases, forcing Protestants and Catholics to publically declare their faith, the French people are being slaughtered for their beliefs.

Mary refused to leave Francis, spoiling his attempt to get her to leave to safety, and out from under Narcisse’s threats, but she is growing more distant by the day. Their marriage is falling apart under the strain of this edict.

Princess Claude had to endure a virginity test in front of her mother and the holy men of the Church. Catherine paid heavily for it since Claude left her virginity behind long ago. However, the test was in vain, since Claude sat on Narcisse’s lap on the night she was supposed to meet her future husband and she did it in front of her man. So that relationship has fizzled out before it even started.

What about Lola? She and Narcisse were having an ongoing tête-à-tête, right? Not after she found out that he had threatened her baby. She admitted to Francis that she knew that he had murdered Henry, and they both tried to take Narcisse down. Narcisse, however, was too cunning; for now.

The Protestants spread the story of the bomb to make their preacher a martyr so that they could start a war. While Francis and Mary strove to keep the preacher alive, the radicals took matters into their own hands and killed him. So much for being on the same side!

While there was no bomb in the end, the Protestants had one thing right: blood will flow. Tune in next week to see if Francis and Mary escape their next scrape!

“Reign” rules The CW on Thursday nights at 9 p.m.