HOLLYWOOD—It is indeed amazing how quickly things can change in the soap world. Relationships are falling apart and coming together on the CBS hit “The Young and the Restless.” The big relationship that should have been pegged months ago was the burgeoning relationship between Nick and Chelsea.

Yes, Adam’s brother is now hooking up with his wife. While everyone is certain that Adam is very much dead, we all know in the soap world that is not the case. Why? No body was found, and we still have that issue of paternity regarding Connor, which we all know is not Nick’s child, its Adam’s! Chelsea and Victor have been keeping this secret, but expect it to explode at some point because we know the truth will indeed come out at some point. Nick and Chelsea are already dealing with plenty of backlash, as little Faith has made it crystal clear, she is no fan of what is happening.

What is also interesting is the secret tryst between Jack Abbott and Gloria. Shocking not so, but the fact that these two are still secretly hooking up and keeping their dalliance on the hush hush is quite a bit of fun. It all stems from Jack and Gloria’s plan to steal Fenmore’s from underneath Lauren’s nose. I can only imagine the backlash once Gloria’s son, Michael, and Jack’s ex, Phyllis learns what these two have been up to.

Cane Ashby, this was the guy who would drop almost anything to protect his wife Lily, but it seems her modeling career has made Cane slightly jealous. He’s loosened up a bit on the resistance, but his overseas trip looks like Cane might commit the ultimate sin against his wife: adultery. I would argue that its retribution; I mean Lily did indeed cheat on Cane and he forgave her. However, it’s not like Lily is alone. It’s already apparent that the writers are moving things in the direction for a hookup between Lily and her photographer pal Jordan.

However, Lily has a bit of a problem on her hands: a stalker. The guy caught Lily off-guard when he popped up in her hotel room. Things got even scarier when he was seen stalking her from a distance and then later peering through her home as she sat on the couch. This is indeed scary and with Cane out of the country, it’s looking like Jordan (fingers crossed) comes to Lily’s rescue before something bad transpires.

There is also a bit of love in the air between Ravi and Ashley. I will admit it’s apparent that Ashley has no interest in Ravi, but she is certainly leading on the guy, by showing slight hints of interest to only continually shoot down the guy. I must wonder if Ashley is placing herself in a situation similar to Lily where she could end up dealing with a stalker. Ravi doesn’t seem dangerous, but you never know when a person becomes obsessed people.

Of course, the big relationship of the hour is the reunion of Billy and Victoria. While no actual make-up has taken place, it’s amazing how these two just always seem to find themselves back together, regardless of the crisis at hand. I hate to say it, but Billy and Victoria are a power couple; they belong together and will always find themselves back to one another. While love is in the air, it certainly seems some of your favorites in the soap world are reigniting, while others are finding themselves in situations where their love is being tested.