SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, October 14 plywood was removed from blocking the entrance of an alley located in the Ingleside District.

The San Francisco resident who put the barricade up told ABC7 San Francisco that the city allowed him to put it up. 

The San Francisco News contacted the San Francisco Public Works Department for a comment, but they replied they had no information to give. 

According to residents living near the alley, the location is used by the homeless and where drug deals are made. 

Tom Pan, an owner of a nail salon by the alley told the SF Examiner, “They come in here, they pee there, they poo there. Every day. The police cannot do anything, it’s dirty and disgusting. In the summertime on a hot day, I can’t even open my window because of the smell.”

Neighbors of the Ingleside region are having a meeting on Wednesday, October 16 to discuss the alley issue.