SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco’s County Board of Transportation Authority are considering charging fees to drivers who drive downtown to avoid traffic congestion in the region.

According to the SF Chronicle, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors are conducting a study to obtain data from drivers during rush hour traffic and has set aside $500,000 for the plan. 

“I don’t really dig it, it’s not my deal,” said SF Board of Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer to the SF Chronicle. The districts that would be impacted have not yet been determined, but could include the SoMa and Financial District neighborhoods that are connected to Bay Bridge.

San Francisco would not be the first city to charge a driving fee. New York City charges an additional $2.50 fee to taxi drivers on busy streets. The SF Chronicle reported that a $2.75 surcharge is added on for Lyft and Uber services in NYC.

Residents Could Face New Driving Fee was originally published on San Francisco News