“Revenge” Delivers In Season 3 Finale!


HOLLYWOOD—Season three of “Revenge” has been delicious to say the least, but nothing and I mean nothing could have prepared audiences for the treat or treats (depending on who you speak to) that were unveiled in Sunday night’s finale amply titled ‘Execution.’ Major SPOILERS ahead, so if you haven’t watched go do it now, right now!

David Clarke is ALIVE!!! Yes, you heard me right, but also Aiden (Barry Sloane) is DEAD!! Yes, you heard me right. Game-changing moments to say the least, but that wasn’t the only surprise. Let’s rewind. The series delivered on so many levels I haven’t a clue where to start. How about Emily (Emily VanCamp) reminiscing about who her father was as a child, just she and Aiden celebrated the victory for her father. While one group celebrated, another was mourning as Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Margaux (Karine Vanasse) said their goodbyes to Pascal.

Oh, if Victoria only knew it was Conrad (Henry Czerny) who killed Pascal and not Emily she wouldn’t make such stupid errors of judgment. Emily was thoroughly entertained by the shenanigans in the courtroom, as Mr. Grayson learned his past misdeeds have comeback to haunt him. Emily decided to pay a visit to the cabin where Jack (Nick Wechsler) found her father’s ring. She came face-to-face with Victoria’s henchman and a battle ensued. Of course, Emily had the edge, but not before realizing Victoria was onto her. Nolan played catch-up with Javier and warned him not to go too far as his abilities may be needed in the near future.

Victoria FINALLY pieced together that Charlotte and baby Carl are not related, meaning she is going to do everything in her power to keep her daughter away from her sister. Aiden paid Dr. Banks a visit on Amanda Clarke’s behalf, but had no idea he was walking into a trap, as Victoria induced a toxic in his tea that paralyzed him. He attempted to choke her to death, but the cold-hearted vixen smothered him to death with a pillow! Yes, Victoria went there and relished in every second. Oh, this woman has raged a war and she will indeed pay the ultimate price.

It became apparent Nolan brought Gideon, Margaux’s little brother in town to neutralize Daniel, but little does he know Gideon is loads of trouble. Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) continued to be aloof to all the craziness around her, as she unleashed a bit of anger on her mother about her involvement with David Clarke. She also lashed out at her ‘sister’ Emily. When will this girl get a clue that Emily is her SISTER?

Emily celebrated with Jack at the pub, about her father being cleared of any wrongdoing, but was devastated to find Aiden’s body at her home. She grieved, but was well aware Vicky was responsible. Nothing can serve justice like a woman out to avenge the one she loved. Jack and Nolan both showed concern for Emily’s state of mind, but Nolan echoed what the viewer had to be feeling most: it’s time for Victoria to pay with the ultimate price, her life. The duo then realized it could take Emily to an even darker place than they ever imagined and it had. Our heroine paid Dr. Banks a visit and scared the living hell out of her seeking vengeance for Aiden’s demise. I was secretly hoping for Emily to take the doctor out, but she had bigger plans in motion. The rage that VanCamp displayed for the finale was stunning. God, I love this show! Conrad repented to God inside the prison, and received a welcome answer from a prison guard willing to help. Would the evil one get away with murder again? Wait for it. Daniel found himself getting hammered over drinks with Gideon which was a perfect set-up for vengeance. Why you ask? He woke up next to a dead body, just as Margaux planned to visit for a nightcap. Looks like little brother has gotten an edge over his sister!

The moment audiences have waited for finally arrived as Victoria and Emily confronted one another at the graveyard. Emily was doing some digging, as Victoria finally decided to confront her nemesis about being the real Amanda Clarke. Emily was just inches from taking out her foe, when she quipped something very intriguing, “Just because you think you know something, doesn’t make it true.” Just what did she mean by that quote? We’ll elaborate shortly on that.

Victoria relished thinking she had defeated her foe, but she later realized Emily wasn’t digging up David Clarke’s grave — it was Amanda Clarke’s. She later whacked the Queen Bee with the shovel. I was secretly relishing inside. Is Emily about to bury Victoria alive? Not quite. Jack had a confrontation with a furious Charlotte who realized that her former love’s brother was involved in her kidnapping. She latter tattled to the authorities.  Uh-oh, things don’t look good for Jack. How does he plan to get out of this little pickle?

Nolan was none too pleased to learn of the actions Gideon took to tangle Daniel in his web of deception. It looks like Nolan may have gotten involved in something that could cost him dearly. The most shocking moment of the night came as Conrad walked out of prison decked in church clothing. As he walked down the road, a vehicle stopped behind him, and guess who stepped out: DAVID CLARKE. Yep, Emily’s supposedly dead father is very much alive and out for blood. He proved that by stabbing Conrad. Is he dead or not? It sure looked like it as he laid on the road with blooding pouring from his body. I’m guessing the audience will get the official confirmation in season four.

The episode wrapped with Victoria finding herself inside the psych ward being committed against her will by Dr. Banks and Emily finally getting the revenge she was desperately seeking. The episode almost felt like a series finale, but considering the show received its renewal last week, I can’t wait to see what transpires in season four. Where has David Clarke been all this time? Who has been helping him? That quote from Emily, does she know that daddy dearest if very much alive and kicking. Will Victoria get out of the psych ward and who will believe her?

Perhaps the moment I’m waiting for most is the when Emily and Victoria come face to face with the man that has impacted their lives the most, Mr. David Clarke himself. It’s been a great season, until the fall “Revenge” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson