HOLLYWOOD—If I had to describe the soap opera “Days of Our Lives” with one-word right now it would be ‘revenge.’ That seems to be the common theme for the daytime drama in recent weeks. Duplicity has been exposed and people want their pound of flesh as a result. Shall we start with Gabi and Stefan?

Stefan has come to the realization that he isn’t himself and after Gabi explained all about how he was brainwashed to fall in love with Chloe, he is slowing coming to his senses. For starters, he delivered a wicked punch to Li looking for Dr. Rolf, who we all know is in other parts of the world, which Li wants to ensure no one ever discovers. Li plans to threaten EJ by exposing the truth to Stefan if he is ousted at DiMera Enterprises.

Yeah, as Stefan argued family means everything to EJ, considering all that has been recently lost Li’s leverage might not be as strong. Li really thinks he still has a chance with Gabi, but that ship has sailed, it is long over. Gabi wants Stefan, and Stefan wants Gabi he just doesn’t know it yet. With that said, his feelings for Chloe are complicated, and Chloe is drifting back towards Brady who embraced her into an intense kiss, but she was hesitant considering Kristen blackmailed him and he kept it a secret for so long.

Speaking of Kristen, she is starting to face the music for her actions with the orchid. I mean Kate, Kayla and Marlena have all died as a result of that orchid disappearing. It led to Steve nearly choking her to death, but Johnny intervening to stop his uncle from going to jail. Steve may not have killed Kristen, but he got evidence that could send her back to the slammer and provided those details Roman disclosed to Rex that Philip is indeed alive, Stephanie severed ties with Alex for depriving her of that final moment with her mother, shall I continue? Yeah, Rex was stunned with that reveal, just as I try to make sense of how the writers plan to revive Kate from the dead if her body was cremated people?

“Days of Our Lives” is like the most supernatural soap that I can recall and I’m sure the writers will come up with narrative that makes perfect sense in a twist that will be tears of joy to many Salemites. Stephanie Brady would be one of those people. She was livid and I mean livid with Alex after discovering he turned off her phone preventing her the opportunity to say ‘goodbye’ to her mother. As a result, her relationship with Alex is over and I think the tide has turned for Chad. I knew the moment those two met and shared that kiss the chemistry with them was much stronger than with Alex.

Chad and Stephanie are getting closer and closer by the minute and it looks like destiny is in their cards people and I like what I’m seeing. Another relationship that is taking a turn for the better is Will and Sonny after Will discovered some Intel courtesy of Leo trying to cover his tracks in Xander and Gwen’s kidnapping scheme. The truth was spilled and Sonny sent Leo packing as a result people. Xander is in the gutter yet again, and just when there may have been hope for his marriage with Sarah, he got caught in a twisted web involving Gwen.

Do I want to see Sarah and Xander together? Yes, but it seems destiny is pulling Xander in Gwen’s orbit, but the choices Xander continues to make are questionable people. Time will tell. Back to Kristen, realizing the walls were closing in she planned to flee Salem with Rachel, which is only going to make her case of becoming a changed woman thrown out the window. The love triangle between Allie, Chanel, Johnny and Wendy is about to become complicated with Tripp.

It seems Wendy and Tripp are getting closer, just as Chanel was a shoulder for Johnny to lean on after the ‘passing’ of Marlena. Where does that leave Allie? Out in the cold at the moment people, but things are changing. Nicole found herself wanting EJ, who is playing defense to prevent Stefan from getting his revenge. Nicole is already in a bad state after learning that Eric slept with Sloan, who just served legal papers to Chanel and Paulina planning to sue them in civil court. Sloan, you’re making enemies which is not a good thing. Lots of relationships right now are reaching a point where people want to ensure those who have wronged them pay for the crime or misdeed and that makes for fun TV “Days of Our Lives” lovers!