HOLLYWOOD—The writers on the ABC soap “General Hospital” are really annoying me. I mean after nearly 2-3 years of dragging the big reveal that Nina Reeves is the mother of Willow and the audience did not get the aftermath of chaos that we expected. The one scene that was worth it was Nina unleashing her emotions after Carly spilled the truth realizing that Nina was the only hope to save Willows life with a bone marrow transplant.

As a result, Nina briefly ripped into Carly, but that was the end of it for now because it seems everyone else has swept it under the rug. Michael was angry, but seems to be more worried about the threat that Nina might have on his family because of his connection to Willow. Michael cry me a river, gosh, this character is a spoiled, arrogant brat and I need him to see his comeuppance just as fast as his mother. His war with Sonny and his deception will be exposed and I think it will indeed be the downfall of Michael Quartermaine and I’m all for it. I am over his character, just like Carly.

This woman did not hide 1, but 2 children from Nina. Hell, if I was Nina I would seek the ultimate revenge on Carly. I can at least have solace in the fact that Sonny and Nina are not giving Carly a pass on her actions, even though Willow, Drew, Michael and the rest of Port Charles at the moment seems to think what Carly did to Nina was not that bad. Let someone keep a kid from them and see how they respond. Especially Olivia! Girl, you were the one who kept Dante from Sonny and guess what happened: Sonny almost killed his first born child because of the secret you kept. Talk about hypocrisy America.

Nina can hold a grudge, and with Nelle to a degree I can understand keeping the secret to a degree, but with Willow that was just malicious and revenge seeking, no matter what Carly says. This woman has committed some seriously heinous deeds during her time in Port Charles and has always gotten a pass, but rumor has it Nina might have some information fall into her lap that allows her to get her revenge and guess what if Carly lands behind bars because of her insider trading scheme, she so deserves it. Not only for that, but for what she did to Nina.

The big question of the hour is rather Nina actually pulls the trigger or if someone else spills the tea and how Carly navigates herself out of the situation as a result. There is a possibility that Liesl drops the bomb as a way to make Carly’s daughter, Josslyn pay for Britt’s demise and for screwing over Nina’s chance with her other daughter. People fail to realize that Liesl was a potent threat as a villainess before she was reformed and with losing two children, she has nothing to lose at this point, and Nina is Liesl’s closet relative people.

Let’s talk about Joss because she got exposed by Cameron of all people! Yes, Cameron knows Joss and Dex are an item and that is quite dangerous for Dex because Sonny and Michael warned him to steer clear of Joss and he ignored those rules. Making matters worse is the fact that he promised Joss that he was already planning to resign from Sonny’s organization as soon as he completes his ‘job.’ I really want to see him exposed because I want Joss, Dex, Michael and Carly all to face the music for their devious deeds. Her audacity to shame Cameron if he spilled the tea was the worst thing I’ve seen on the soap in months. It was just shameful. They are indeed writing Joss in a way that is making her annoying and I don’t like it one single bit.

In the soap arena, when you do wrong you have to pay for your sins otherwise it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the viewers which is what I’m feeling right now with “GH.”