HOLLYWOOD—Well “Revenge” lovers, your guilty pleasure has returned. When we last left off, Emily Thorne was basking at the possibility of having her life back on course, but a new enemy has emerged. In ‘Bait,’ everything changed for Emily as she learned Margaux’s vendetta against her won’t just dissipate. The episode opened with Emily and Ben in bed celebrating their newfound relationship.

Victoria still up to her old tricks alerted Margaux that her money woes may soon be changing thanks to the death of her ex father-in-law. The fact that Vicky couldn’t sense that Margaux was still pulling strings to get the goods on Emily was baffling. I mean this woman knows everything. She planned to release video footage compromising both Emily and Jack to avenge Daniel’s death, but at what cost?

Nolan and Louise basked in victory, just as they planned a trip overseas. That was soon interrupted when Nolan’s spy alerted him of Margaux’s plans. Little did the audience know that Simone was a double agent! At the reading of the will, Victoria was stunned to learn that Natalie, her new Hampton enemy was previously married to her father-in-law. War was being raged and nothing is like a Victoria on the loose. Emily was not pleased to learn that a new enemy is looking to take her down.

Jack continued to ponder his feelings for Emily, just as he and David Clarke recalled happier times. Just come out and say it already before it’s too late. Emily made plans to take care of Margaux, but Jack wanted to handle things himself. So what did he do? He utilized Carl and the emotional heartstrings to try to play his former lover. Sorry, it didn’t work.

Louise’s brother, Lyman did his best to get into good graces with his sister, but that didn’t work either. So what was his next approach? Become the new attorney for Victoria Grayson in her case to tackle the contention of the will. Ben was feeling some kind of way about his fallout with partner Jack; why? He suspects Jack knows about Ben and Emily, guess what he does!

Emily made her move to take down Margaux, but little did she know Margaux had plans in place. The magazine guru was none too pleased to find Louise trying to break into the room that stores her computer.  A small bracelet compromised Margaux’s entire computer system. So what happened? Emily broke into her office and gloated. Like she said if you plan to come after her, you’re going to have to do much better than that. That moment left Margaux in a violent frenzy. Her dark side has indeed emerged.

Natalie and Victoria had a public catfight, which was apart of Victoria’s plan all along. What Victoria doesn’t know is that Natalie and her former beau David Clarke are getting quite close. Just imagine how the Queen Bee reacts when she discovers this news?

I must admit Louise brings a terrific energy to the series. Victoria being the actress that she is proved her skills with her new lawyer of the emotional games she can play when needed. She is indeed a firestorm not to be messed with. Margaux did indeed step up her game, by gathering information on Ben and his ex-wife. Looks like a little blackmail goes a long way, so precisely what is Ben hiding?

The moment fans had been waiting for finally happened: Jack told Emily how he felt. The factoid that he poured out his heart to his one-time love to be rejected was beyond heartbreaking. Emily seemed conflicted about rather to give her romance with Jack a chance or not. I fear she choose not to prevent him and his son from becoming casualties. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!