HOLLYWOOD—“The Walking Dead” has been slow the past few episodes, but I have a feeling some danger is indeed in the near future for Rick and the rest of the gang. In the latest episode, ‘Forget’ Deanna did her best to acclimate Rick and the others into the new community by throwing a massive party to introduce them to the rest of the neighbors.

Daryl and Aaron became buddies as he showed him the ropes about recruitment and the art of survival. They were hoping to capture a horse, but ran into a massive troupe of walkers who ripped the animal apart. It was quite bloody, but Daryl and Aaron did ensure the walkers didn’t skin the horse to meat and bones.

Carol did a bit of grocery shopping in her ruse to ensure the crew got their weapons back. So how was she planning to get back into the highly guarded area? Unlock a window. Rick, Rosita, Abraham, Carl, Carol, Noah and Sasha all attended the party, but with a bit of hesitation. While Daryl did his best to attempt to attend the party, he chooses not to. So what happened?

He instead had some spaghetti with Aaron and Eric. To hear Daryl slurp up the spaghetti the way he did was a little embarrassing to say the least. Rick’s love life looks to be getting complicated, as he continues to be smitten by his new neighbor Jessie. I have the oddest feeling that these two will indeed hook-up, which will be the chaos that causes the community to explode.

This gave Carol the perfect opportunity to sneak out to go after the guns, but little did she know that Sam had followed her trial as he was desperate to get some more cookies. So what did Carol do? I literally thought she was about to throw the little boy out the window, instead she threatened him that something very bad would happen to him if he revealed what he had saw to others.

I must admit this will be Carol’s fatal flaw in my opinion, and I can only imagine what will transpire in the fallout. Sasha met Spencer; another son of Deanna’s who is in a power position. He chatted unnecessarily, which just turned Sasha off completely. She lost her composure at the party, when questioned about her favorite food.

The final moments of the episode saw Rick walking the grounds, as him and Michionne got into characters as the new authority figures in the community. He walked towards the wall where it became evident that the walkers are aware of the people inside the community. Hmmm, I have an idea that a massive battle is about to occur for our heroes. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!