Aiden and Victoria

HOLLYWOOD—It looks like the lines have been drawn between Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) as the former flames made it clear where their relationship stands in episode three “Confession.” Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann’s) housewarming was anything but welcoming.  Conrad (Henry Czerny) is definitely grappling with guilt as he’s having nightmares of Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) stabbing him to death. With Emily continuing to push his buttons, it’s only a matter of time before he cracks.

Aiden’s game of duplicity is indeed reaching new heights as his true allegiance was revealed in this week’s episode. Just as Nolan and Emily plotted their next move, Daniel (Josh Bowman) was not happy with his new boss’ desire to feature Nolan on the cover of their magazine.  Well, well it appears Emily is indeed turning over a new leaf by attempting to right her wrongs with Father Paul by using him as a pawn in her game of treachery.

Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) attempted to play house with Patrick (Justin Hartley) and Conrad, but her interference only made matters worse.  Margaux made it clear that she was going to get an invite to Nolan’s gathering by asking Jack (Nick Wechsler) to take her. Victoria planted her seed of doubt with her son by revealing that Emily purchased Nolan’s home and was sleeping with Aiden behind his back.  Danny boy was none too pleased with the news; I wonder what the reaction will be when he discovers the man he thought he killed is very much alive and an acquaintance of his mother’s.  Can anyone say awkward?

Nolan may have found his new boy toy in Patrick by inviting him to his house warming. He goes by Patrick Osborn, but he uses the Grayson name to his advantage. Daniel and Emily had a bit of a tiff in their relationship as he confronted her about her lies, but the real fireworks were thwarted by Nolan’s arrival. Charlotte was able to convince Jack to have a night on the town, just as Victoria was none too pleased to discover from Emily that Patrick and Nolan have ‘met.’ The look on Emily’s face when Father Paul showed up to Conrad’s abode was priceless!  That woman can kill a person with the glare on her face; she’s so wicked without coming across as bitchy.

Nolan’s bash was a who’s who of The Hamptons, his sailor outfit was indeed a standout at his event.  Emily was not too pleased to see Jack getting cozy with Daniel’s boss.  Revenge is a good look on Emily, but jealously is even better. Father Paul did his best to get Conrad to clear David Clarke’s name and rebuild his bond with his family.  I must say it appears Conrad considered the idea.  Jack appears to be warming up to Margaux quite a bit, much to Emily’s dismay as her bond with Charlotte is indeed falling apart.

The look on Emily and Daniel’s face whenVictoriaentered the foray with Aiden was jaw-dropping. Emily called Victoria’s bluff, by shouting out to the entire party that the Grayson’s are completely bankrupt; wow, Victoria speechless, how often does that transpire? The truth does indeed hurt. Patrick did his best to get close with Nolan; Victoria’s eldest does indeed have ulterior motives, I’m dying to find out what that is.

Father Paul admitted his rage for Emily’s deception; furthermore, her tears indicated that she was coming to grips with her past transgressions.  Her rapture to bring down all those responsible for her father’s undoing is almost redeemable. Victoria didn’t like the idea of seeing her family plastered on the front of newspapers for their financial travesty. Aiden revealed to Victoria that Emily Thorne does not have her family’s money.

Emily was not too pleased to learn that Daniel installed an alarm system in her home and shot her former love. He seems to be a bit of a control freak.  Conrad informed Victoria that he plans to turn himself into the authorities regarding his involvement with David Clarke. He got underneath her skin by acknowledging that she never cared about her family to begin with.  She made a fatal threat to her hubby and Father Paul that would indeed come back to haunt her.

One of the many powers of “Revenge,” the audience never knows whose allegiance can be trusted, as it was revealed that Aiden and Emily are working together. She was nearly forced to tears when she discovered Aiden’s gunshot wound. It almost appeared as it the two were about to share a kiss, but backed away.  The final moments were stunning as Emily discovered an injured Father Paul and Conrad escaping from a fiery car crash.  Did Father Paul try to kill Conrad or did Conrad try to kill him? Oh the humanity, until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson