“Revenge” Recap: ‘Damage’

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) had his world rocked by David (James Tuppers).

HOLLYWOOD—David Clarke, this is a guy, who is full of surprises. Those who love him should be careful because he can burn you quicker than a flash of light. Our latest episode, “Damage” opened with Emily recollecting a happier time with her father as he visited the beach. Charlotte’s world continued to spiral out of control as she woke up to discover that her sleep buddy Vince, wasn’t who she thought he was as he planned to use her as leverage.

The youngest Grayson/Clarke put up a wicked fight that led to her intruder with a broken neck. So who would Charlotte call to get her out of this mess? Who else, but big sis Emily who came to the rescue! She was none too happy with her sister’s latest stunt, but what she discovered about her father was even more alluring.

Victoria paid her former flame a visit to recollect their past times, but he was a bit distant. Does he love her or does he not? Only time will tell. Nolan hacked into the FBI database to learn more details about her father and his psychological state of mind. Emily knows her father is hiding something, but Nolan is ready to let bygones be bygones, bad choice.

Daniel is learning the hard way that being a playboy can bring some bad company as Louise continued to get close to those that he cares most about. Victoria being the cold woman she is gave Louise the cold shoulder, which allowed her to set her sights on Margaux. Hmm, I have a feeling that a murder is about to happen sometime in November sweeps.

Ben continued to dig into the mystery surrounding Conrad Grayson and David Clarke, which unnerved Jack to say the least. But it only took Jack seeing that ‘infinity’ symbol to realize that perhaps David Clarke hasn’t been held captive as long he claimed to be.

When Victoria attempted to control Margaux’s interview with David Clarke, the naïve one set strong boundaries to let the Queen Bee know her reign of terror might be over. Charlotte’s world was turned upside down when it was revealed that Victoria killed Aiden not Emily. Game-changer!  As Emily attempted to get Nolan to reason with her about her father, he found himself caught off-guard when David threw him under the bus regarding stealing money from Amanda Clarke. That was indeed a tough scene to watch.

Nolan couldn’t do much, but flee the scene. When he was later confronted by David, Nolan was none to pleased with the allegations which resulted in a fist to the face. Emily arrived just as her father fled the scene; she was a bit stunned to discover what her lies have led her father to do.

Victoria nearly broke into a million pieces when Charlotte revealed she knows she killed Aiden and she was done with her and Emily’s quest for vengeance. As the queen bee goes up, the queen bee goes down. Before fleeing town, Charlotte decided to clue her brother in on just who Emily Thorne truly is. Victoria’s prowess worked on David as he asked her to stay the night.

The final moments of the episode saw both Nolan and Emily coming to grips that David Clarke is indeed staging his captivity and keeping one whopper of a secret. Yes, I think all fans of the show are dying to figure out precisely what David doesn’t want the world to know. Next week will be a good one, as Emily finally comes face-to-face with her father, without a big piece of glass standing between them. Until Sunday “Revenge” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson