“Revenge” Recap: ‘Hatred’


HOLLYWOOD—Here’s hoping everyone tuned into “Revenge” last night as the series is taking an extended leave until March.  Wait no February sweeps? Apparently not, but episode 13 “Hatred” set the battle lines between Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel (Joshua Bowman) regarding their marriage. “Life is a great sunrise,” powerful words from David Clarke to his young daughter.  The episode opened with a bloody Emily, forcing the audience to question if it was a dream or something terrible happening to our heroine again.  To fulfill her scars, Emily decided to use a hot poker to heal.

She updated Neko on her latest ploy to get back at the Grayson clan.  Nolan (Gabriel Mann) decided to deliver some truth to Patrick (Justin Hartley) about his mother’s devious needs. He gave Victoria’s eldest son some information about Patrick’s upbringing, the factoid that someone else was searching for him beyond his mother as well. Hmm, I’m wondering who that other party was. It was a treat to see Victoria relish and the absolution of Emily’s relationship with Daniel, just as Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Margaux (Karine Vanasse) enjoyed a happy moment. It clearly fell apart, when she discovered someone falsified her article.

Emily did her best to explain her actions to Conrad (Henry Czerny) about her reasoning for her press conference and hoped to get the only wise Grayson to stay on the abode. Daniel’s attempt to make Emily jealous by sleeping with Sarah may not have worked the way that he expected. Doesn’t he realize he’s playing with a mental mastermind who is skilled at breaking people? We already know Sarah is mentally unstable, a few pushes in the right direction and she’s a goner. Her games appeared to work on Sarah to say the least, just as Nolan was unhappy about his newest houseguest who also appears to be Aiden’s secret lover.

Margaux was not a happy camper to learn that Conrad went after Daniel and his magazine.  Patrick asked Victoria about his father and Victoria’s treachery.  The Queen Bee is indeed paying for her past sins, slowly, but surely. Daniel’s dark side is a bit scary, as he attempted to cause her mental harm. Victoria and Patrick took a field trip for him to discover ‘a little truth’ about his father. Nolan informed Emily that Neko and Aiden are together, which took the vixen by surprise. Emily blacked out and showed up at Aiden’s place, where an unexpected confrontation took place.  Conrad found himself being interrogated by Daniel and Margaux, asking that Daniel be fired from his position with the magazine.  Without hesitation, Margaux fired Daniel, looks like his sins are coming back to haunt him.  It’s obvious that Conrad has bigger plans intact. Neko’s peeling of mangoes scared Nolan who planned to kick her out of the house, but her attempt to locate her father’s murderer sparked a possible interest in Nolan.

Victoria nearly had a panic attack when she came face-to-face with Patrick’s father; she shared a bit of light with Patrick about her tragic upbringing. She revealed that Jimmy raped her. She revealed her attacker stalked her, which forced her to run and she took a scholarship to protect him. It was indeed an emotional moment that redeemed the villainess. Jack pondered the idea of moving into a home with Margaux, a new chapter in his life well worth all the pain that he has dealt with. Aiden booked a flight for Neko to head off to Moscow to chase after her father’s ‘killer.’ Wow, this guy is devious, and his past will catch up with him.  Sarah was not too pleased to find her mother at the Grayson mansion, giving her a dose of reality that was not expected.  Appears Daniel has no idea of how devious Ms. Thorne can be when cornered. Checkmate!

Aiden attempted to confide in Nolan about Emily’s current condition; he was a bit concerned at what he just placed into motion, but a surprise event occurred when Neko discovered her father’s sword underneath Aiden’s bed.  She knows! Patrick unleashed a bit of rage on his art and Emily got a side of Daniel she never expected as he violently attacked her, while taunting her about her inability to have children. The episode concluded with Emily blacking out once again and finding herself waking up beside Conrad!

Conrad’s first ex-wife is returning to The Hamptons to create more drama. Can’t wait till the March 9 return as Neko takes a knife on Emily, Victoria meets a nemesis equal to her and all hell breaks loose! Until then “Revenge” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson