“Revenge” Recap: ‘Illumination’


HOLLYWOOD—A blast from the past rocked Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) when she came face-to-face with the brother of ‘faux’ Amanda Clarke in last week’s episode.  Episode 16 “Illumination” began with Emily once again having to face her past misdeeds coming back to haunt her.  She updated Aiden (Barry Sloane) about her run-in with her foster brother, Eli James.  In a few revealing flashbacks, the audience learns that Emily burnt down her foster family’s home which Eli took the blame for.

It was a welcome change for our heroine who has more allies than she knows. Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Daniel (Josh Bowman) continued to walk on needles to discover The Initiative’s next move.  Interesting factoid, The Initiative did not appear in this week’s episode, I wonder why that is? Jack (Nick Wechsler) continued to wallop in grief as he was more determined than ever to get to the bottom of Amanda’s death, leading him to some interesting suspects. Emily was once again on edge as Eli introduced himself to the Graysons and made good face with Victoria who took a liking to a relative of Amanda’s, as did Charlotte (Christa B. Allen).

Eli and Emily had a conversation where she bribed her “brother” out of town with a hefty payday, which he greatly accepted, but Eli had ulterior motives. Emily’s attempt to mend fences with Jack backfired, where he posed questions that caught her off guard. A drunken Daniel came close to a lawsuit in a bar fight, but was halted thanks to an ever present Aiden.  A defensive Daniel told him to back-off, just as Conrad spied on the entire situation implementing his new plan.  Jack’s investigation led him to a man who gave a pinpoint description of the person who saved his life: Nolan!  Jack is much smarter than Emily and Nolan take him for.  I mean what did you suspect his wife was just murdered.

At Victoria’s soiree, where she decided to honor Amanda Clarke with a charity the usual gang showed up for the festivities as Emily and her nemesis continued to take jabs, just as Eli played buddy buddy to everyone. Emily warned Ashley (Ashley Madewke) of Eli’s true background, which she immediately told Victoria who was not impressed with the news since learning it, came from Emily.  Daniel was pissed at his parents once again after learning the charity event was a ruse; a complete scam set-up to bring in revenue for Grayson Global.

Emily peeved with Eli’s constant lies decided to intervene, where the siblings took jabs at each other. Was it me or did Charlotte and Victoria not pick up on what was happening?  Furthermore, a disgruntled Daniel took a walk with Emily where he revealed the truth about his parent’s charity for Amanda Clarke.  Wow, the Grayson clan stoops quite low I must say.  This was news to Emily, giving her more ammunition to take down her enemies.

Jack showed up at the event showing his allegiance to Victoria and her family in honor of Amanda, just as he dropped a bomb on Nolan, knowing about his involvement in his rescue.  Nolan, the genius he is, was able to turn the tables and get Jack to realize it was Kenny Ryan who saved his life.  The fact that Jack bought that story was laughable, but I have reasoning to believe he’s just going along with Nolan’s lies for the moment. Aiden got what he was asking for as Daniel appointed him as the newest member of his company’s board at Grayson Global.

With the damaging news about the Amanda Clarke charity, Nolan and Emily took steps to bankrupt the Grayson family once and for all. As Nolan began to implement his software to take down Victoria and Conrad, he ran into a glitch.  He realized his software was compromised by the Falcon.  A symbol and person Nolan ran into in the past in his attempt to rescue David Clarke.  The Falcon was the person who sealed David Clarke’s fate.  A new mission begins.  I am eagerly waiting next’s week reveal of some game changing information that is bound to blow the audience away.  Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson