“Pretty Little Liars” Bombshell: ‘Red Coat’ Is…


HOLLYWOOD—It was the season finale that “Pretty Little Liars” fanatics have been eagerly awaiting since season 2 in 2012.  The climatic episode of season three “A dAngerous gAme” did not disappoint.  There were so many shocking revelations it had to be hands down the best episode of television I’ve seen in years; seriously I mean it!   The revelation that stunned audiences was the mysterious girl in the ‘red coat’ that was revealed to be: Alison or so we think. Exactly!  It was a game-changing moment, but let’s rewind a bit to get to that point.

The episode opened with the Emily (Shay Mitchell), Aria (Lucy Hale) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) concerned over Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) mental state after leaving Radley.  “What’s the difference between a crumpet and an English muffin,” asked Hanna. She is indeed the wild card of the group.  Spence invited all of her gal pals to a family gathering, there’s nothing like a party in Rosewood.

Inside the mobile “A” lair someone was working frenetically on the computer.  I knew that phone number from the season 2 finale that Vivian Darkbloom aka Ali gave to Mona was an important clue!  Mona informed her partner in crime that they would be rewarded for their work; unfortunately we never get to see the face of that person.  Whoever that person was is a computer genius, could it be Caleb or Lucas?

Emily ran into Shana (Ariel Miranda) who seemed to be coy about her meeting with Spence.  Does Spence know Shana?  Aria was stooped when she came face-to-face with Ezra (Ian Harding) at school. At the Cavanaugh residence, surprise, surprise, Jenna (Tammin Sursok) was at home.  Where has she been all this time?  She was overheard on the phone speaking to someone “About making it all go away?”  What did Jenna mean by that statement and just who was she talking to?  The twist was she was being spied on by a mysterious figure who texted her from the front porch.

Aria was stunned that Ezra got a teaching Job at Rosewood High, which Bryon (Chad Lowe) was not too happy about.  Hanna got close with Ezra in her goal to babysit Malcolm to get the scoop on Malcolm’s assailant. Audiences finally got the revelation we’ve been asking for in terms of the mysterious person who Jenna met during the season two finale, it was Shana! Game-changer, looks like these two were in a relationship and Shana may be looking to make the girls pay for what they did to Jenna. Any guesses as to who she dressed as at the masquerade ball?

It was a bittersweet moment to see Ezria bid adieu with his new teaching gig.  Its forbidden love that cannot happen, no matter how hard the couple try there are more obstacles fighting against them; could this be the end permanently.  That waitress from the season 2 summer finale returned as someone in a black hoodie looked at photos of the liars and we got a glimpse of “pretty eyes” who was none other than Toby!  Wow, he’s alive. Spoby fans are smiling across the universe.

So he was the one who forced Dr. Sullivan out of town. Why did she keep his secret from the liars, what does he have on her?  Toby met with another “A” team member who turned out to be Spencer!  He admitted everything he did was to protect her.  The duo whispered inside the diner to keep people from hearing what they were talking about. They discussed some mysterious event to take place on Friday involving the other girls.  Spencer is feeling super guilty about her actions.  He admitted to be pretending to work with Mona to keep her safe; this is so sweet.  There may be a chance for Spoby after all.

Hanna was not the best babysitter.  “It’s your choice if you want to grow up stupid,” said Hanna to Malcolm.  They then played the guess who game with pictures of various Rosewood residents.  Hanna was silent when she discovered that it was Spencer who kidnapped Malcolm.

Emily spotted Melissa stopping by the Cavanaugh residence where set met Shana and Jenna. All three discussed the liars being “at the lodge” and Melissa gave Jenna an invitation.  Spencer and Toby hashed out their emotions over their involvement with the “A” team.  It’s surprising to see Toby let his guard down, as the estranged couple shared a passionate kiss.  I find it odd to discover Toby has no idea who ‘red coat’ is?

“Spencer is apart of the ‘A’ team game over,” stated an angry Aria.  Emily revealed to the girls that Shana, Jenna and Melissa were meeting secretly, just as Hanna spotted someone listening to their conversation, she turned on loud music.  Spence and Toby decided to consummate their relationship once again for all those Spoby fanatics out there.

Aria decided to finally part ways with her first true love, but he wasn’t about to let her go without a fight as they embraced in a passionate kiss. Any guesses as to who her love interest will be in season four?  At the swim meet, Spencer spotted the elusive girl in the red coat and followed her to the bathroom and was surrounded by tons of ladies and gentlemen cloaked in red coats, looks like “A” is smarter than Spence.  The investigative Spencer followed the figure into the bathroom and it was revealed to be: Hanna!  This show is torturing the audience.  It was so climatic, but not really as it was a part of the other liars plan to see if Spence was apart of the “A” team and she fell for it.

Mona is the only person who knows who ‘red coat’ is revealed Spence to her friends. She also told them Toby is alive and this gathering on Friday is a set-up, but they’ll be ready.  Little did they know “A” always has another plan.  In the classroom the girls were a little surprised to see Ezra back as their teacher; Aria on the other hand was not too pleased.  The girls got all dressy as someone spied on them from outside the house.  Spencer and Toby joined Mona who alerted the couple that “you have no idea how dangerous she is?”

Hanna, Emily and Aria snuck into theHastingslake house.  The liars saw Toby turn on Spence again, as they spied from a distance.  Toby and Spencer took a walk in the woods, as they looked into the sky to see a helicopter.  Someone jammed a door with a screwdriver, just as Mona found herself cornered by Aria, Emily and Hanna.  Finally, Mona gets what she deserves. Mona was quite pissed with the liar’s interference.  Toby went chasing after someone as Spencer followed the elusive figure in the plane.

The liars found themselves trapped inside the lake house as someone lit the residence on fire.  Even Mona was scared for her life.  Can’t believe the liars were forced to work with their nemesis?  Mona doesn’t even know who “red coat” is?  What!?  Looks like she was a part of the plan to try to uncover the elusive figure also, Spencer followed the figure and got a glimpse of who she though to be Alison DiLaurentis!

Toby was knocked unconscious, just as someone in a red coat pulled all of the girls from the house, it was Alison! Mona said she saw Alison pull her out of the house, Hanna confirmed Mona’s theory, as did Spencer.  From my outlook, it looks like Ali is helping the liars not hurting them, unless both Ali and her possible twin are alive?

Whoever struck Toby over the head with that flashlight left a lighter that was used to ignite the lake house on fire next to his body; it was two people who committed the deed. Melissa, Wren, CeCe, Jenna, Shana?  Take your guesses as more “A” team members have been introduced.

Mona admitted to the liars that she made a deal with the devil inside of Radley.  Hanna and the liars were stunned to see Wilden’s car pulled from the lake next to the church.  They watched the video of Ashley striking Wilden with her vehicle.  The video showed Jenna and Shana rescuing Detective Wilden.  Just how do those two ladies know Wilden?  This mystery is so tangled.

The ladies opened the trunk as they received a text from “A” framing them for something.  As they opened the trunk, it appears to be a body, as the ladies all gasped. Just who that person is remains the mystery we have to wait till season 4 to figure out.  The episode concluded with a flashback from Ali’s patio showing a hand digging from the grave (the audience is made to speculate its Ali).  As the person attempts to escape being buried alive, a hand helps pull them from the ground.  Who is that person? Who knew Ali was buried alive?

This is by far the most explosive episode of TV I have ever seen.  It will now be a torturous 3 months before season four premieres.  Whose body was in the trunk of Wilden’s police car?  Whose body was that in the morgue?  Is Alison really alive; if so is she red coat?  How is Melissa, Jenna and Shana connected?  So many questions, not enough answers. This episode will indeed elicit a second watch.  Until June 11 “PLL” fanatics!

By LaDale Anderson