HOLLYWOOD—It is about time, but I knew in my gut it would come with a twist. Why? Well the secret about Jude’s parentage on “Days of Our Lives” has been slipped to an unknown party, but it may not deliver the result fans want. I knew at some point, Eric Brady would be Sloan’s downfall and it seems the gears are starting to spin quite intensely.

Why? Eric tracked his and Sloan’s finances and discovered she was making payments to Leo. She tried to brush it off as no big deal, just helping Leo get back on his feet, but Eric was not buying that claim. It put Sloan in a dicey spot as she was forced to inform Leo that he was cut off. Leo was not happy about that and decided to go straight to EJ and spill some tea.

Now I expected EJ to react much harsher, but he did not, and I don’t know why. You were hoodwinked by Leo, Sloan, Melinda and Leo’s former lover. You were made to think you lost a child and then the foursome made Nicole think her son was dead, when he is very much alive. EJ, you have to do the right thing here and tell Nicole the truth, but I feel Sloan is getting in his ear and telling the truth will only reunite Nicole and Eric. Guess what? Those two are destiny EJ; no matter what they will always be drawn to one another because they share a very complicated history.

A child only strengthens that bond in a way that will not be severed no matter how hard you try. Nicole and Eric are already working together at The Spectator thanks to Chad, how do you think Nicole will react when she learns you knew her son was alive, and you kept that information from her. Not well, not well at all. Sloan is too worried about Dimitri being released; your issue is Eric’s blinders have been opened. If he can just put the clues together it will all make sense, and hell will explode once the truth is exposed about Sloan’s duplicity.

Kristen and Alex’s goal to make Theresa and Brady jealous is not actually working. It is hurting them. They are doing the opposite, as it seems they are bringing Brady and Theresa closer, as Rachel continues to prove Kristen is indeed her mother with those mischievous deeds she indulges in. Alex and Kristen hooked up hoping to manipulate Rachel in the process, but that was a bust people. Theresa needs to focus her energy on Konstantin who is raising all sorts of red flags.

I’m sorry Maggie is an idiot. You’re about to marry a man so he can stay in Salem even though you can’t stand him. You feel guilty for him, and this guy is trying to steal the fortune Victor left for you. I swear I want to see someone knock out this bald-head bozo already. Alex was not happy to hear the news, but who was infuriated; it was Xander.

My gut tells me Xander is going to expose Konstantin and learn the truth about his true heritage in shocking fashion that is going to have ripples people cannot imagine. Theresa, you have gotten in bed with the Devil, and it is going to be your undoing when it comes to light.

Wendy and Tripp are leaving Salem for Hong Kong, sayonara because these two have NOT been interesting for months, sorry. Paulina laid down the law to EJ about his antics as District Attorney putting him on notice, as he returned the favor letting her know that the many people of Salem would rather see Abe Carver back in the driver seat.

Konstantin is planning to use John Black to perhaps take out Steve, who he now feels is responsible for his daughter’s demise, even though John committed the crime. Steve is starting to look into the whereabouts of Konstantin’s ex-wife. Very interesting development in his aim to turn friends into foes and I think the end of Konstantin is soon coming to our “Days” fanatics!