HOLLYWOOD—Well its looks like 2013 will be a stellar year in music.  Pop singer Justin Timberlake has already made his return to music; Lady Gaga is also expected to make a triumphant return.  Also throwing her hat into the ring is triple threat Beyonce who delighted fans with new music this week.

Queen B unleashed two new singles for fans, the first being club-thumping single “Bow Down” which hasAmerica’s favorite sweetheart taking a new direction with her music.  She sounds quite angry and sending a message to all of the haters out there.

I’m not sure how fans will react to this new single.  Personally I’ve never heard Mrs. Carter so angry and foul-mouthed on an album before, so it may take time for audiences to warm up to this new endeavor.  Could we expect more intensity like this on the new album? I’m not quite sure.  The second single “I Been On” is a slow start, and I don’t recall hearing Beyonce on the track at all.  Both songs appear to be snippets to give audiences an idea of what’s to come.

In my opinion, “Bow Down” is a far better track than “I Been On.”  Fans have been giving mixed reactions to both singles: some love it, others hate it.  If there is one thing that is important in the music industry it’s that the first single undoubtedly sells your album. If the public doesn’t respond well to the first single, that’s never a good sign for the direction of the album as interest begins to wane a bit.

No tentative release date has been announced for the singer’s fifth studio album, but it is expected to drop late Spring/early summer.

By LaDale Anderson