“Revenge” Recap: ‘Kindred’

Louise and Nolan were finally able to obtain the truth about what happened to her father.

HOLLYWOOD—So it looks like we have no villain the rest of this season on “Revenge” or at least we thought so? In ‘Kindred,’ the aftermath of Nolan’s quickie wedding to Louise was front and center, as Emily hosted a party for her BFF.

The idea of being free was short-lived because Margaux was secretly working behind the scenes to take down her ‘nemesis’ Emily Thorne. Both Jack and Ben received thunderous awards from the police department for their accolades. While Ben soaked up the limelight, Jack was not too fond of the spotlight. I love the new Victoria who is doing all in her power to prevent Margaux from venturing down a dangerous path that she knows all too well. 

David wanted to do all in his power to clear his daughter’s name to allow her to live her life, but it became apparent Emily was a bit apprehensive. Emily has become the latest gossip story thanks to Margaux.

Victoria came face-to-face with Natalie Waters who appears to be after the new crown in The Hamptons. Louise dropped a bomb on Nolan by revealing that its possible she was responsible for her father’s death, but she can’t recall if it really happened or not.

New frenemies Emily and Margaux went toe-to-toe over her interest in gossip filler. Threats were made, and Emily was not afraid to back done. Hmm, all Emily had to mention was the information she had on Margaux’s father which caused her to cower a bit.

Emily got a bit cozy with Ben to get advice from him on how to leave Emily Thorne behind and to reclaim Amanda Clarke. Jack discussed his woes with David over a beer about his newfound fame and grappling with taking a life.

Louise was a bit apprehensive about taking part in Emily and Nolan’s plan to unlock secrets from her past. I must say that knife trick was quite scary; all I kept thinking was that a mistake might happen and the knife would protrude into her hand. Louise is indeed a liar, as she pushed her father down the stairs, but kept the truth from Nolan and Emily.

Jack had a bit of a rift with Emily about the secret he has kept; its literally tearing his life apart from the inside out. Nolan informed Emily about the letter Louise left about confessing to murder. He was determined to go after her, but Emily halted him in his shoes.

Victoria decided to confront her gal pals for betraying her in her time of need. She seemed to make threats about secrets that she has been keeping; it’s a way of keeping the Queen as the Queen, and the minions as minions. Just when you think that woman is down, she finds a way to climb back to the top.

Emily broke into the mental hospital where Louise committed herself; she attempted to talk some sense into her newfound friend. She revealed the real police report, and it became apparent that her mother was responsible for her demise. What a surprise, old flames Margaux and Jack came face-to-face. Could they be rekindling their relationship? Jack decided to quit the force, so he went back to his old job of making drinks.

Nolan did battle with his nefarious mother-in-law, just as Louise confronted her mother about her dubious deed. I love these two TOGETHER! The chemistry is crazy between Louise and Nolan, or should I say Lolan! David shared a lovely dance with father reminiscing about their past, and she was afraid of unveiling the truth. Louise decided to cut off her brother, which I fear will create a new enemy. Jack became accustomed with a new lady friend, who might have been up to no good.

Victoria had another encounter with Natalie, who was not afraid of her new enemy. She received a call about a death in the family, just who is it? Margaux got evidence that Jack and Emily are in cohorts with one another, which gave her a bit of a conscience. The final moments of the episode saw Emily paying a visit to Ben, and Jack’s world was rocked when he witnessed his childhood flame sharing a kiss with his partner.

So it looks like a new love triangle in brewing! Until March 8 “Revenge” lovers!