HOLLYWOOD—Sunday night’s episode of “Revenge” was a perfect opportunity for audiences to indulge themselves with the craziness of the spooky holiday Halloween, as secrets began to unmask themselves in episode 18 ‘Masquerade.’  Emily (Emily VanCamp) did her best to breakthrough to Nolan (Gabriel Mann) who was an utter mess after weeks of searching for Padma.  Nolan didn’t seem too pleased with Jack asking for assistance, as Emily embarked on a new plan to help her BFF in his search for his lover.

Daniel (Josh Bowman) teased Mama Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) as she planned her big Halloween bash. Victoriawas not too pleased to receive an RSVP from her long lost “son” that she has kept hidden from everyone else.  Hmmm, I suspect Emily had something to do with this. Emily alerted Aiden (Barry Sloane) of her latest plan to help Nolan and take down nemesis,Victoria.   Conrad (Henry Czerny) continued preparation for his campaign run with tips from Ashley (Ashley Madewke) and Jack (Nick Wechsler).  Nolan played catch-up with Jack on his latest plans to take down Conrad Grayson. Jack seems determined to avenge his former flame, I just fear an unsuspecting casualty will be the result of his actions.

Emily relished with her opportunity to torment Victoria without actually coming out to say it.  She begged Victoria to allow her to attend the masquerade ball, yet her enemy was not open to adding another invite to the lavish event.  Daniel decided to go toe-to-toe with The Initiative regarding their threats against him. To celebrate his victory he invited his former flame [Emily] to the ball against his mother’s wishes. Victoria was not too pleased to receive a dozen of black roses, from her “son” as Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) was well aware something was off.  Black roses indicate death, does that mean another character will bite the dust before the season wraps?  I am almost certain it will happen.

Aiden implemented his plan to tackle The Initiative as he threatened the organization’s latest pawn. Conrad was not too pleased when Jack and Nolan’s plan threw him off at his press conference with questions about David Clarke.  Victoria informed Conrad of her past secret that she was pregnant with her mothers boyfriend’s child. There seems to be more to the story that she is not sharing.  Aiden located Padma’s body just as he found himself being tormented by The Small Man; to exact vengeance for Padma’s death, he took his life.

Victoria kicked off festivities for her ball as she searched for the person responsible for the threats being sent to her.  Emily and Jack bonded a bit over issues that arose during Conrad’s press conference.  Conrad began to suspect Ashley of being the spy in his organization which pissed her off. It gave Jack an idea of a potential ally in his court. Victoria confronted her son about his burgeoning relationship with Emily as he made page 6 of the New York Post.  Surprise, he was well aware that his mother was the one that sent the photo threatening him and Emily.  To prove it he returned her bullets to her.

Aiden alerted Emily that Padma is dead, as Emily chose to deliver some gut-wrenching news to her closet ally.  Nolan unleashed some inner rage blaming himself and Emily for what happened to his former lover.  To see Nolan shattered into a million pieces was devastating.  She refused to leave him during his darkest time, as he begged Em’s to let him mourn. Charlotte stumbled upon two nasty classmates that teased her about Amanda’s death and she reacted with a fist to the face, just as Declan (Connor Paolo) swooned in for the rescue.

Jack unleashed some fury on a spiteful Victoria as she took shots at Amanda Clarke, just as she spotted a masked figure whom she suspected to be her long lost son.  Emily’s plan worked to perfectionist as an unnerved Victoria fainted.  The smile on her face said it all; revenge is indeed a dish best served cold.  Conrad did his best to discover just what unraveled with her fainting spell.  Emily and Aiden’s love fest crumbled with the news that she has to continue masquerading with Daniel to get closer to Victoria.  Ashley paid Jack a visit where the friends decided to join forces to take down Conrad Grayson and his family once and for all.  It was a stunning turn of events to see her join forces with Jack.  Nolan destroyed his office, just as he received a visit from his private investigator who began to suspect he played a role in Padma’s death.

Victoria paid a visit to a nun to discover the location of her son that she gave up for adoption.  Emily paid the same nun a visit to devise a plan to locate Victoria’s long lost child. Quite devious to say the least, but Emily will go to great length’s to get the truth.  Enjoy the next few weeks off as new episodes of “Revenge” don’t return until April 28. Until then “Revenge” lovers!

By LaDale Anderson